Teradek MPEG Transport Stream

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  • Teradek MPEG Transport Stream

License activation key is e-mailed to the Customer. You will not be charged for shipping.‰Û¬‰Û¬Create a MPEG-TS over IP (TCP or UDP) video stream that is compatible with television broadcast equipment and IPTV set-top boxes. Compatible with all Cube™ Encoders.‰Û¬‰Û¬How Do I Get the License?‰Û¬‰Û¬If you have purchased a Cube previously, place the Cube serial number in the notes section of your order and we will generate the license activation key and e-mail it to you. We will pre-install the license if your order includes a Cube and a License.‰Û¬‰Û¬How Do I Install This License? (Not For Cube's that Come Pre-Installed With the license)‰Û¬‰Û¬To install the license, go to System -> Licenses on the Cube's web UI. Paste the license activation key into the "add a new key" field, and click the '+' button.‰Û¬‰Û¬Once installed, you will need to reboot the system. After you reboot, you will find the MPEG Transport Stream License under Video Setup -> Stream Settings on the Cube web UI.‰Û¬‰Û¬If the license is pre-installed on your Cube, you will see the MPEG Transport Stream option under the Video Setup menu.‰Û¬