Rode Videomic Studio Kit USED

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  • Rode Videomic Studio Kit USED
  • Rode Videomic Studio Kit USED
  • Rode Videomic Studio Kit USED
  • Rode Videomic Studio Kit USED
  • Rode Videomic Studio Kit USED
  • Rode Videomic Studio Kit USED
  • Rode Videomic Studio Kit USED
  • Rode Videomic Studio Kit USED
  • Rode Videomic Studio Kit USED
  • Rode Videomic Studio Kit USED


What's in the Box:

  • RODE VideoMic Directional On-camera Microphone
  • Rycote Lyre Suspension Mount
  • RODE Windscreen for Videomic
  • Black DeadCat Artificial Fur Wind Shield for VideoMic
  • 6' Boom Microphone Stand
  • 25' Extension Cable
  • Thread Adapter

VideoMic Product Documents:

RODE VideoMic Studio Boom Kit with DeadCat Windshield

Such a great bundle! We have sold over 1000 of these kits! If you watch behind the scenes of major network shows, you'll often see the shotgun mic placed on a c-stand boom arm over the head of the talent. This is how the pros do it. The reason being is that the number one rule in sound is to get the mic as close as you can to the source. A $149 mic placed 2' away sounds better than a $2000 mic placed 5' away. The RODE VideoMic Studio Boom kit has become our #1 selling kit. All this for under $200! The included 25' 3.5mm Extension cable allows you to place the mic right above your talent and place the camera a good working distance away. The stand is a 6' stand with boom arm - works great for sitdown style interviews. Also works great outdoors to boom from under - the included wind muff allows for attenuation of light wind gusts.

The VideoMic with Rycote Lyre Suspension System from Rode is a shotgun microphone that can easily be mounted on a DSLR camera or on a boom stand. It features a Rycote suspension system that attaches to the camera's shoe or onto a standard 3/8" thread. The VideoMic is lightweight at just 6 oz. The VideoMic can mount to industry standard boompoles or mic stands for elevated audio capture. Its super-cardioid polar pattern attenuates sounds from the sides and rear. The result is a signal that sounds closer to the source, even when recording in less than ideal conditions or at moderate distances.

The included Rycote Lyre is a non-elasticated suspension structure composed of a hard-wearing thermoplastic. It is more effective at acoustically decoupling microphones from unwanted vibrations, handling and cable-borne noise than elasticated suspensions. The lyre remains effective at a wide range of temperatures and is virtually indestructible. It will never wear out, sag, snap or require any rethreading to maintain its effectiveness.

An attached, coiled cable terminates to a 1/8" (3.5mm) mini output connection. The VideoMic features a condenser element that utilizes a standard 9 Volt battery (not included). Battery life is approximately 100 hours on one battery.

Our VideoMic Studio Boom Kits are ideal for small bedroom size to medium sized studio sets and designed with youtube video creators in mind. For video bloggers, or "vloggers", the VideoMic is the perfect microphone for picking up clear sound and recording audio while the boom stand is important for consistent sound and assisted microphone support. This kit comes with a deadcat windshield to block the ambient noise of a fan, air conditioning or any other background sound that you don't want getting into your video's audio.

Barrel Canceling Pick Ups

The Rode VideoMic is a true line plus gradient mic with a super-cardioid pattern pickup in the front and a barrel which cancels audio coming from the sides. The result is maximum pick up of the source in highly ambient and noisy environments.

Selectable 10 or 20dB Pad

When capturing audio in loud environments, the VideoMic offers built-in attenuation. The selectable -10 or -20dB pad lessens the microphone's sensitivity, allowing it to handle higher SPL levels without sacrificing clarity.

High Pass Filter Switch

A high-pass filter switch eliminates room ambiance and noise below 80Hz. This results in improved intelligibility while recording around machinery, wind or close proximities.

Internal Power

The condenser element is powered with a standard 9-volt battery for up to 100 hours (approximately).