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MagClip GO
  • Rode MagClip GO
  • RODE MagClip GO
  • RODE MagClip GO
  • Rode MagClip GO
  • RODE MagClip GO
  • RODE MagClip GO

The MagClip GO is a powerful magnetic clip that allows for total flexibility when placing the
Wireless GO transmitter on talent. Simply slip the magnet under a piece of clothing opposite where
you need to place the transmitter. This allows you to get the clearest recording possible no matter
what kind of clothing your subject is wearing. It can even be used to place the mic discreetly on an
object in a scene or on a stage to capture dialogue.
“This expansion of the Wireless GO range is the product of 12 months of listening to user feedback
and seeing what creators need and want,” says RØDE CEO Damien Wilson. “We are always in tune
with how our products are being used and who is using them, and we constantly push ourselves to
create new products that inspire and encourage creativity. Keep an eye on the Wireless GO range in
the coming months, there’s more to come…”