ROCCAT Horde Membranical Gaming Keyboard

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What's in the Box

  • ROCCAT Horde Membranical Gaming Keyboard
  • Limited 2-Year Warranty

Enjoy the best of both worlds with the Horde Membranical Gaming Keyboard from ROCCAT. Combining aspects of both membrane and mechanical keyboard technology, the Horde promises to provide a fast, yet silent, keyboarding experience.

The Horde is compatible with Windows-based PCs, and provides a full-sized keyboard layout, including separate arrow keys and a numerical keypad. On the left edge of the keyboard is an additional five macro keys that are meant for use during gaming sessions. Map these keys in your game to specific commands, and utilize the low-profile, 1.2mm actuation design to quickly press and activate each one during gameplay.

The Horde also features a set of multimedia keys, along with a unique, 360-degree tuning wheel that is meant to give you the ability to control multiple aspects of the keyboard in one location. Anti-ghosting technology has been applied to the Horde, in order to allow for the ability to press multiple keys simultaneously without error.

The Horde is created with a combination of membrane and mechanical keyboard technologies for a "Membranical" experience. With ordinary membrane keys, a key has to be pressed all of the way down to be registered. By comparison, the physical switches in mechanical keys are registered with only a partial keypress, as the physical switch inside each key actuates sooner with a corresponding audible click.

ROCCAT's Membranical design is meant to combine the best of both worlds. The keyboard utilizes membrane technology for less noise, but is constructed in such a way as to actuate each key midway through a keypress, which mimics the speed advantage of a mechanical design.

Many settings can be controlled by the Horde, such as media volume, LED brightness, and much more. The Tuning Wheel makes adjusting all of these features convenient by managing all of them itself. When an option is selected, simply spin the 360-degree Tuning Wheel to make your adjustments. The Tuning Wheel is also fully compatible with Windows 10 Dial functionality.

Many games feature commands and controls that require multiple keyboard keys to be pressed simultaneously. The Horde supports that in the typical areas used by PC games. Supported keys include W, A, S, and D, the arrow keys, spacebar, and some surrounding keys.

A blue LED backlight illuminates each key's letter, number, or icon. This effect can be managed by the built-in Tuning Wheel, or through the ROCCAT Swarm application.

Swarm is ROCCAT's software that gives users the ability to customize and control multiple aspects of their peripheral's features, as well as providing users with the ability to install Windows drivers for each product.

Switch Type Mecha-Membrane
Dedicated Multimedia Keys Yes
Dedicated Macro Keys 5
On-the-Fly Recording No
Windows Lock Key No
Polling Rate 1000 Hz
Connection Type Wired
System Connection USB Type-A
USB Ports None
Audio None
Full-Functionality OS Support Windows
Backlight Yes
LED Colors Blue
Onboard Memory 512 kB
Built-In Control Device Knob
Wrist Rest None
Cable Length 5.91' / 1.8 m
Cable Type Braided
Cable Management Channel No
Dimensions (L x W x H) Not Specified by Manufacturer
Weight 2.00 lb / 910 g
Package Weight 3.3 lb
Box Dimensions (LxWxH) 21.0 x 9.3 x 2.5"