Studio Equipment

Professional Studio Equipment for Sale at DVEStore

Are you planning on setting up a studio? Maybe you're looking to upgrade your existing studio. In either case, DVEStore has all of the professional studio equipment you'll need! We even offer studio kits for those looking to startup quick. Whether you're a hobbyist, semi-professional, or full-blown pro, you can trust us to have the quality equipment you can depend on for professional-looking results.

We carry studio equipment in the following categories:

•             Chroma key backdrops

•             Production switchers & controllers

•             Rack mount components

•             Video servers

We also carry an ever-changing inventory of used camera equipment. You may find something among our used items that can really help stretch your studio budget. And don't worry about getting stuck with a dud. Just like everything else we sell; our used items are thoroughly tested in-house before they're offered for sale. We're determined to make sure that only the best equipment makes its way into our buyers' hands!

As a professional videographer, you know how critical professional studio equipment is to your success. We do, too!

That's why we carry brands like:

•             BETSO

•             Blackmagic Design

•             Denecke

•             Gator

•             Livestream

•             Photoflex

•             Prompter People

•             Reflecmedia

•             Roland

•             Teradek, and more!

Are you ready to set up your studio?

•             Our production switchers make switching between live scenes flawless.

•             Looking to up your game? Check out our video studio kits for a quick and easy way to bring a new level of professionalism to your work.

•             Are you an influencer on a mission to draw more followers? Our SlingStudio Mobile Production Kit has everything you'll need to get your show on the road. It's 100% battery-powered, so you can even shoot video from the back of beyond!

•             If you need help financing your dream studio, we now have financing available through Klarna.

At DVEStore, we take your business seriously!

When you need professional studio equipment, we're here to help. If you need advice or encouragement, we might be able to help with that, too. We understand the challenges of creating professional-looking productions because we've been doing it for a long time. You can get all of the studio equipment you need from us. After all, we use the same equipment ourselves and we back all of our products with our 100% satisfaction guarantee! Contact us at 360-653-7063 to get started setting up your studio today.