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Are you a professional photographer or an avid amateur? If so, you certainly know the benefits of a proper camera support system. If you're just getting started, a video camera stabilizer is one of the most important accessories you can buy. Fortunately, At DVEStore we carry a wide range of camera tripods and monopods for sale that will help you produce rock-solid photographs and videos. 

Our handheld support systems are perfect for both photography and film cameras. We also offer bundles that combine several useful items at a great price! A bundle may be the perfect option if you're a hobbyist looking to up your game.

Our video camera supports:

  • Video camera stabilizers will help you produce professional quality videos from your home studio or while you're out on the road.
  • A camera monopod gives you a surprising amount of support and stability in situations where you're moving quickly and don't have the time or space to set up a tripod.
  • Our Manfrotto 504HD 546BK aluminum tripod system is ideal when you need smooth, precise control on a stable platform. We offer it at a competitive price, especially when you consider its quality and features.
  • Think you don't have room to take a camera tripod with you when you're traveling? The GorillaPod mini tripod is small, lightweight, and flexible enough to use just about anywhere. 
  • If you use an iPhone 4 or iPhone 4S to take photos, we have a mini tripod for it, too! It features quality 2x telephoto, 180-degree fisheye, and wide-macro lenses to expand your photo possibilities. It even folds for compact storage.
  • We also have a Mobile Streaming Influencer's Kit for a very reasonable price. It contains everything you need to stream from anywhere in one small package!

Why Choose DVEStore for Camera Stabilizers?

As film and video professionals, we know what you need in order to create quality work. That's why we only carry the best, professional quality products for our customers. We also test all of our products in-house before offering them for sale. That way we can ensure that everything you purchase from us is always of the very best quality. Experience our professionalism and outstanding customer service for yourself today. Contact us at 360-653-7063 for more information.


Diva Ring Light Video Tripod Front Extended Legs
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Diva Ring Light Video Tripod

$99.95 $79.99

Designed for the Diva Ring Light, the Video Tripod provides support and stability, giving you better protection from falls. This support is also essential for making videos as it dramatically reduces camera shake. It also features a fluid pan-and-tilt...

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Manfrotto 504HD 546BK

$1,000.00 $824.99

The Manfrotto 504HD Head w/546B 2-Stage Aluminum Tripod System combines the innovative and stylish 504HD Fluid Video Head with the 2-stage aluminum 546B Pro Video Tripod--creating an ideal combo of affordability, stability, and smooth, precise control...

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Mobile Streaming Influencer's Kit

$111.29 $75.00

The Mobile Streaming Influencer's Kit has all you need to start creating gorgeous content for your following. Sit down at your favorite coffee shop and vlog about traveling, take your video on the go and show people the city, or stream from the comfort...

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Benro PU5060 Quick Release Plate. L60 X W50 X H10mm.
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Keep your camera firmly in place with the Benro PU5060 Arca-Swiss Style Quick Release Plate. It comes with a rubber mat that is slide-proof for providing better stability to your camera whenever you are capturing pictures and videos. The movable screw...

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