Recording Microphones

If you're creating a video project, you're probably focused on how good your video looks. That's important, since viewers prefer their videos crisp and clear. Just don't forget the audio portion of your production! Audio is just as important as the video but sometimes gets neglected during production. Trust us, poor sound will get noticed by your audience! This is why a studio microphone set from DVEStore is crucial.

Using recording microphones will ensure that your audio is as top-notch as your video. Whether you're a professional videographer, film hobbyist, influencer, or just thinking of starting a video blog, we have the top-quality equipment you'll need.

Our quality recording microphones include:

•             Audio Technica, Azden, Behringer, DPA, RODE, Saramonic, Sennheiser, and Zoom are just some of the many quality brands we carry!

•             We carry several styles of recording microphones: dynamic, ribbon, tube, and USB models.

•             Check out our dynamic audio microphones like the Rode PodMic Dynamic Podcasting Microphone. They're perfect for capturing a great musical performance!

•             We also carry large and small diaphragm condenser microphones.

•             If you're a video blogger, our studio microphone sets will let you create engaging videos your viewers will love.

•             If you're on a strict budget, take a look at our used equipment. We only sell genuine, name-brand equipment that has been carefully inspected and tested before it goes up for sale. You can buy and use it with confidence.

Why choose DVEStore?

At DVEStore, we've been involved in video production for many years. We started as but had so many requests for help choosing video equipment that we diversified into DVEStore. Since then, we've helped our customers find the right audio/video equipment for their many projects offering our gear in bundles including our studio microphone sets to make it an easy startup for some production houses and vloggers. Of course, we haven't given up our own love of video production! We still produce plenty of videos, including in-depth demos for our customers.

That kind of intimate knowledge ensures that you'll get the right equipment for whatever kind of audio/video productions you're planning. It's also the reason we test every piece of equipment we sell in-house before we put it up for sale. We know how frustrating it is when a piece of equipment doesn't work as expected or fails at a critical moment. At DVEStore, we work very hard to minimize the chances of that happening to our valued customers! Contact us today at 360-653-7063 and experience our outstanding customer service for yourself.