Prismatic Mini Halo Ring Light Diffusion Plate for the Mini Halo Ring Light

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  • Prismatic Mini Halo Diffusion Plates

NEW! Prismatic Mini Halo Ring Light Diffusion Plates!

A new alternative to the diffusion cloth. Just snap on the diffusion plates and achieve beautiful diffusion in an instant.

The Prismatic Mini Halo Ring Light gives off light that is very flattering to skin tones. The Prismatic Diffusion Plates enhance the light by creating a more even distribution of light that is softer and eliminates harsh shadows, producing professional quality results.

The Diffusion Plates are high quality, and very durable. They also have a compact design for effortless transport. The Plates easily and quickly snap onto the plastic molding of the Halo, and just as easily detach.

What is Diffused Light?

Diffused light is a soft light with neither the intensity nor the glare of direct light. It is scattered and comes from all directions. Thus, it seems to wrap around objects. It is softer and does not cast harsh shadows.