Prismatic HALO 18" Ring Light with Stand USED LIKE NEW

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  • Prismatic HALO 18" Ring Light with Stand USED LIKE NEW
  • Prismatic HALO 18" Ring Light with Stand USED LIKE NEW
  • Prismatic HALO 18" Ring Light with Stand USED LIKE NEW
  • Prismatic HALO 18" Ring Light with Stand USED LIKE NEW

What's in the Box

  • 18" Prismatic Halo Ring Light
  • (4) x Halo Diffusion Plates
  • Soft Carrying Bag
  • Prismatic Mini Ball Head Mount
  • Prismatic Ring Light Light Stand (6 ft.)


The Halo Ring Light by Prismatic Lighting is an 18” fluorescent ring light that has been designed to provide daylight-balanced professional lighting for photographers and videographers. Ring shaped light sources have long had a reputation as the preferred light source for beauty photography. The shape of the Halo Ring Light offers a wrap-around light, which envelopes the subjects face and helps reduce the appearance of wrinkles or blemishes. In addition to making your talents skin look radiant, the Halo Ring Light creates a distinct catch light in the eyes.

Say hello to Prismatic's new Halo Diffusion Plates!



In situations where low light is required, the built-in 80-100% dimmer allows you to reduce the power of the unit and helps you control your image.

Diffused Light with Prismatic's New Halo Diffusion Plates!

The Prismatic Halo Ring Light gives off pro photography lighting that is very flattering to skin tones. The Prismatic Diffusion Plates enhance the light by creating a more even distribution of light that is softer and eliminates harsh shadows, producing professional quality results.

The Diffusion Plates are high quality, and very durable. They also have a compact design for effortless transport. The Plates easily and quickly snap onto the plastic molding of the Halo, and just as easily detach.

Easy Set Up

Setting the Halo Ring Light up is easy. It comes equipped with a standard Tilting Bracket light stand attachment, so that you can angle the light exactly how you need it. The Halo Ring Light also includes a small hot shoe camera attachment with a ¼-20 thread that will hold smaller cameras (weight limit of 2lbs, upgraded camera attachments are available for larger, DSLR style camera bodies).

Clever Design

Fluorescent pro-grade photography lighting has a very low power draw and emits very little heat, which means your talent will be comfortable being in front of this light for a long time. The noiseless ballast also allows clear audio for video production. The interior of the Halo Ring Light is designed to maximize light output, with its aluminum lining you will be pleased with the power of this light.

Included Storage Case

The canvas travel bag makes storage and transport of the Halo Ring Light easy and the construction ensures that the fixture is well protected.

NOTE: All fluorescent lamps require ‘burn in’ time before they operate at full potential. Simply run the Prismatic Halo Ring Light at full power for 5 minutes prior to use or dimming to ensure your Halo is performing at its best.