Photoflex Rocksteady Counterweight

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  • Photoflex Rocksteady Studio Counterweight

What's in the Box:

  • Photoflex RockSteady Sandbag (22 lb, Empty)
  • Limited 5-Year Warranty

22lb Sand Bag delivered without sand. Incredibly versatile, Photoflex’s new RockSteady Bag can be stored and transported empty, then filled with sand or other ballast to the exact weight needed. When filled, the bag is ideal forstabilizing LiteStands and counter-balancing boom arms.The saddlebag design is great for securely stabilizing light stands. Heavy duty material anddouble-stitch seams provide strength, durability, and impact resistance. Double-opposing zippersensures containment of ballast.

The Photoflex RockSteady 22 lb Sandbag can be a stabilizing force in your life. Its saddlebag design makes it ideal for draping over light stand legs that are supporting heavy gear, or battening down materials in windy conditions. The sturdily constructed bag features a top handle for easy use and heavy-duty "D" rings for booms equipped with counterweight hooks. The RockSteady Bag has double opposing zippers and arrives empty, allowing you to fill it with sand, shot, gravel, or any heavy item of your choice.

  • Saddlebag design perfect for stabilizing light stands
  • Strong and durable - constructed of heavy duty material and double-stitched seams
  • Double-zippered ballast compartments for quick and secure adjustment of bag weight
  • Heavy-duty "D" hooks for worry-free boom arm counterbalancing
Filled Max. Weight 22 lbs. (sand)(9.98kg)
Empty Weight Less than 1 lb.(453gm)