OpTech Urban Sling

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  • OpTech Urban Sling
  • OpTech Urban Sling
  • OpTech Urban Sling
  • OpTech Urban Sling
  • OpTech Urban Sling
  • OpTech Urban Sling
  • OpTech Urban Sling
  • OpTech Urban Sling
  • OpTech Urban Sling
  • OpTech Urban Sling
  • OpTech Urban Sling
  • OpTech Urban Sling

The Urban Sling™ from OP/TECH USA is the ideal solution for carrying gear in areas of dense population where security is a concern. With a cut-resistant braided stainless steel cable incorporated into the webbing, it offers additional peace of mind for photographers. It has a "quick adjust" feature that allows the camera to be instantly secured in a "body-guarded" position keeping expensive cameras and lenses from swinging too freely in a crowd. The "quick adjust" returns the sling to the normal shooting position just as fast so there’s no worries of missing a shot.

The Urban Sling™ is designed with a special pad comprised of an internal layer of high-tech memory foam for added cushion and a control-stretch™ elastic to give added support. These layers are then enclosed by two layers of neoprene of which one has a non-skid surface backing for added grip on the shoulder. A support-stretch™ binding completes the picture to create a sling that can be worn for hours in comfort. There are no quick disconnects on the main part of this sling as an added security measure; however, it incorporates our Uni-Loop™ connectors for attaching to the camera. These connectors are easily interchangeable with many other OP/TECH USA harnesses, slings and straps giving the photographer added versatility.

Today's photographer needs a way to shoot comfortably and confidently while still protecting his gear. The Urban Sling™ is the perfect match!

Combine the Urban Sling™ with other OP/TECH USA products for even more possibilities.

Create a safety lanyard for your camera on the Urban Sling™ with the use of the System Connectors - Extensions (sold separately)
For added peace of mind for those photographers who would normally only have one connection point, you can attach your camera to the sling by two points with the use of an Extension System Connector (sold separately as a set of two). One Extension piece would be attached to the back quick disconnect on the sling and connect over to the Uni-Loop™ attached to the left side of the camera. When you raise your camera to the shooting position, the Extension lanyard will be out of the viewing area.

While actively moving around with your Urban Sling™, secure your camera to your side with the second Uni-Loop Connector™
Attach the second Uni-Loop Connector™ to your belt loop which can then be connected to the Urban Sling™ second quick disconnect. Move freely while hiking, biking or navigating busy streets and keep your camera securely attached at your side.

When shooting with a larger lens, reduce stress on your camera's lens mount with System Connector - Lens Loops™ (sold separately)
Support the weight of a heavy lens with the Lens Loops Connectors™ (sold separately). The Lens Loops™ protect your camera's lens mount from the added weight and stress of a heavy lens while positioning the lens comfortably at your side.

Protect your camera from bumps, moisture and dust while attached to the Urban Sling™ with a neoprene Soft Pouch™ (sold separately)
It remains snuggly on the camera as you wear the Urban Sling™ and can be quickly removed so that you never miss a shot. Available in a wide variety of styles and sizes to fit almost any camera. Check out our Product Finder to find the pouch that fits your camera.

Recommended Comfort Load Up to 15 lbs (6.8kg)
Tensile Strength Each Uni-Loop Connector: 146lbs (66kg)
Carry Style Shoulder, crossbody (Right or Left shoulder)
# of Connection Points 1 or 2
Connection Type Uni-Loop™ **
Strap Length Fully adjustable 25"–36" (63,5cm–91,4cm) †
Pad Dimensions 2.75" x 17" (7cm x 43,2cm)
Quick Disconnects Yes
Materials Neoprene layered with high-tech antimicrobial memory foam and control-stretch™ elastic with non-skid surface
Webbing Materials Cut-resistant braided stainless steel cable incorporated into the webbing for added security
Webbing Width 1 inch