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  • One Button Studio Pro

The One Button Studio turns any small room into a recording studio that anybody can use!

If you need to create video presentations, but don't want the burden of constant training and tech support, the One Button Studio is perfect for you. You simply:

  1. insert a thumb drive & follow the prompts
  2. Deliver your presentation
  3. Pull out your thumb drive and walk away with a professionally produced video.

It's that easy, day in and day out.

One Button Studio––One Click Purchase!

Inspired by the One Button Studio of Penn State fame, we used our A/V acumen to build out a One Button Studio Kit that is even more durable and reliable. It's now easier than ever to purchase and implement your own One Button Studio! No more digging through a long list of SKU's from different vendors in order to piecemeal a system together. No more multi-day setups just to get it up and running. Thanks to the experts at the DVEstore, you can now purchase a One Button Studio with one click! The convenience doesn't stop there, though. We offer full setup support and training so you can get the most out of your investment, without the pain of going it on your own.

Three Versions Available:

One Button Studio-Pro:

  • Reliable and easy-to-use, so training and tech support are minimal.
  • Popular with presenters of all ages, because there is no learning curve, and no editing required.
  • Robust and frequently updated software.
  • Professional, turn-key installation available.
  • All-inclusive kit for building a One Button Studio room.
  • 1 Year Free Tech Support.

One Button Studio-Green:

This includes everything in the Basic kit and adds the Reflecmedia chroma key system

One Button Studio+Plus:

Includes chroma key and adds the following features, while remaining simple to use:

  • Presentation integration w/options for picture-in-picture or full screen
  • School logo watermark
  • Three backgrounds of your choice
  • Realtime compositing (no post production required)!


One Button Studio+Plus Specs:


  • Turns a small room into a video recording studio
  • Easy for even the non-technical to use
  • Walk in with a thumb drive, walk out with a completed video––no editing!


  • Professional grade steel-framed A/V cabinet
  • Rack mounted components
  • Ships pre-configured and 90% assembled
  • Lights and microphone mount to existing drop-ceiling
  • Reflecmedia chroma key option included
  • Presentation system included
  • Realtime compositing with no editing required!
  • One day setup
  • Lifetime tech support


  • Two 2020 Mac Minis; base model for presentation, faster one for live compositing/recording
  • PTZOptics 20x Zcam w/SDI for durable connectivity
  • Intel Quick Sync H.264 recording
  • Audio to SDI embedder for end-to-end balanced audio signal path
  • Behringer Xenyx 1002B Audio Mixer w/phantom power & visible VU meter
  • RODE NTG2 Shotgun Mic
  • Acoustic treatment for better audio
  • Mic extension mount for better microphone placement
  • Bright and compact Prismatic LED Luna lights
  • Foot switch floor button for recording start/stop
  • Control panel for configuring video
  • Dual monitor mount

One Button Studio Upgrade


According to Justin Miller, Media Commons project manager for Penn State Educational Technology Services, 10 percent of their student body uses One Button Studio set up in 2 different rooms. That's 4,500 recording sessions per year! “It’s fantastic for us.”

One Button Studio has more uses than with just a specific task. However, there are at least three broad ways one can use it:

1) To save content that was already delivered elsewhere.

2) To record new content.

3) To practice a future performance of some kind.

Here are some more specific ideas:

  1. Develop material for an online or “flipped” course
  2. Conduct a mock interview (and post for peer feedback)
  3. Create a video introduction to a course
  4. Demonstrate a tool, technique, or process
  5. Archive a classroom presentation for re-use
  6. Capture a recording with a green screen or PowerPoint slides
  7. Perfect a micro-teaching lesson
  8. Record the video component of a larger assignment
  9. Deliver a lecture when you have to be away
  10. Present an academic paper (and send it to your advisor for critique)
  11. Hone the elevator speech for an academic poster
  12. Practice a group presentation (and submit it for accountability).
  13. Rehearse a dissertation defense
  14. Make a statement for job application
  15. Perform a digital story to post in an ePortfolio
  16. Warm up for a public speaking task
  17. Stage a recruitment video
  18. Prepare a professional development video
  19. Publish student content for a personal website
  20. Produce an audition for a job or music group
  21. Participate in a media competition


A few of the universities using the One Button Studio:

Pennsylvania State University

University of California San Diego

Montana State University

University of Wyoming

Georgia State University

University of Wisconsin Oshkosh

University of Miami

Washington College

University of Iowa

University of Utah

University of Minnesota

Montgomery College

Portland State University

Texas A&M

California Polytechnic State University