mimoLive Non-Profit 1 Year License

Manufacturer Part Number:
  • mimoLive
  • mimoLive Non-Profit 1 Year License
  • mimoLive Non-Profit 1 Year License
  • mimoLive
  • mimoLive Non-Profit 1 Year License
  • mimoLive Non-Profit 1 Year License

mimoLive™ is a powerful live video editor, designed to make professional broadcast tools accessible for everyone.

mimoLive™ is the best live video production software for Mac. It enables you to use and switch multiple cameras, grab presentations, add graphics like weather maps, lower thirds, social media feeds, green screens, and much more. Scale, crop and convert video of diverse formats, frame rates and aspect ratios – everything live and in real-time from your Apple MacBook Pro.

The live video workflow with mimoLive follows four major steps. First, capture your video footage using any given camera. Followed by the second step, the input into the computer. Conventional using professional graphic cards, external SDI / HDMI converters and more recently NDI 4 camcorders. Today we believe in the future of the network standard NDI 4, that’s why it is our recommendation to you to check if NDI 4 delivers good results for your sort of live video stream.

Encoding, switching videos stream, graphics and decoding at once

Once the video streams are coming into your Mac – it’s time for mimoLive™ to take over encoding, switching video streams, adding graphics and decoding the final stream. This is the third major workflow step for the director of the show. We enpower video producer to control comprehensive live shows by small teams.
Finally, mimoLive uses several presets for the major streaming platforms to simply your work life, and to make the fourth step of your workflow as easy as possible.

MIMO is an acronym for multiple-input, multiple-output. mimoLive™ handles several multiple inputs of video and audio, to create a live video stream and sends it to several multiple-outputs like video streaming platforms and disk recordings.
Combine these three elements and you will get, mimoLive™, the best way to describe the characterises of our live video editing and streaming software developed by Boinx Software.

Fields of applications for mimoLive

  • Interactive YouTube Live and Facebook Live
  • Community TV, Public Access TV
  • Record presentations
  • Live Video Projections
  • Audio/Video Podcasts
  • Screencast
  • Game streaming, from your Mac, iPad, or iPhone
  • Jumbotron in Sport Stadiums
  • Sports TV
  • Religious Service Broadcasting
  • 360° Live Streaming
  • eSports Conventions

mimoLive Plans:

Educational & Private use (1 year, 3 years)

Commercial use (1 year, 3 years)

Broadcast use (1 year, 3 years)

Requirements: Apple Mac computers
macOS 10.11+, we recommend 10.14. or better