Lowel DVcreator Kit 1 with Hard Case and Lamps

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  • Lowel DVcreator Kit 1 (with hard case and lamps) by Lowel

Selecting from industry-standard lighting instruments, we hand-picked a small arsenal of lights that not only could do their job extremely well, but also transport easily and set-up quickly – all the while still being durable, reliable and affordable. Now that’s asking a lot of any product, however with our demanding schedules we could accept nothing less. Lowel lights have become standard to rental houses as well as news crews, documentary filmmakers, and production companies alike. Lowel themselves liked our cherry-picked kit we put together so much, they named it after us. We present to you our three Lowel DVcreator Kits. Perfect for the emerging DV creator on the go, all kits are available in soft or hard cases. Starting with a base package, the DVcreator Kit 1, consists of three essential lighting instruments; the 500W Omni with barn doors/spot flood capability, the smaller Pro at 250W again with barn doors, spot/flood and finally the 750W Tota with umbrella that can easily light a 2-person interview or a small sized office. Stepping up to the DVcreator Kit 44 adds a 250W softbox to the base kit, which is great for producing beautiful, yet controllable soft light. It’s just about perfect for many of today’s low-light capable DV cameras. The grand daddy, the DVcreator Kit 55 is the base kit and goes a step further with the additional 500W Rifa softbox. The Rifa’s are 60 second set-up softboxes and simply open like an umbrella.

This is a Lowel DV Creator 1 Kit, GO-85 Case. This three-light kit combines Lowe's most popular tungsten-halogen fixtures with barndoors, an umbrella, gel frame, gels, flex arm, light stands and a medium-sized GO-85 hard kit case.

With its high intensity #2 reflector and prismatic glass, the tiny focusable Pro-light is more efficient than a Fresnel of equal wattage, yet it gives an exquisite even light, with Fresnel-like shadow quality. It can be used as a low-level key or accent light, fill light (with diffusion), or backlight.

The wide focusing range of the Omni-light makes it a flexible key or backlight. Add diffusion or an umbrella, and it's a soft fill source.

Compact, rugged and versatile, the broad-throw Tota-light can be used with its umbrella or gel-frame and diffusion as a soft key, fill, or backlight. With its adjustable reflectors, it can be a smooth and even background light, or point it toward the ceiling to raise the ambient (base) light level of a room. Tota-lights are also widely used for photographic copy work.

Although this kit comes supplied for 120V AC use, it may be fitted for use with other voltages, with the appropriate bulbs and plug adapters -- sold separately.

  • The Pro-light's versatility can be increased by adding a DC adapter cable and swapping its bulb for use as a camera-top fixture
  • Use the included light modification devices to alter the color, intensity, quality and shape of the light
  • The GO-85 kit case holds everything, including the light stands and has moveable interior dividers.