Location Sound Package 4: Rode NTG-3 - 110CC USED

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  • Location Sound Package 4: Rode NTG-3 - 110CC USED

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The Location Sound Package 4 includes a Rode NTG-3, RODE Blimp, Audio-Technica 30' XLR cable, and a K-Tek 110CC internally cabled boompole. This package was designed by DVeStore as a complete professional sound kit on location. The RODE NTG3 super cardioid shotgun microphone is designed for professional use on film, television, ENG and wherever high resolution broadcast audio is required. The RODE Blimp is a complete windshield and shock mounting accessory for the NTG-1, NTG-2 and NTG-3 microphones, as well as any third party shotgun microphone up to 325mm in length. Audio-Technica manufactures premium XLR cables. The K-Tek 110CC boompole is a premium aluminum 5-Section internally XLR-cabled boompole with a minimum length of 2'7", with maximum length of 9'2".