Lectrosonics DHu Digital Handheld Wireless Transmitter

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  • Lectrosonics DHu Digital Handheld Wireless Transmitter

What's in the Box

  • Lectrosonics DHu Digital Handheld Wireless Transmitter with No Microphone Capsule (470 to 608 MHz)
  • 2 x AA Batteries
  • Limited 1-Year Warranty

The Lectrosonics DHu is a digital handheld wireless microphone transmitter compatible with D-Squared Series receivers. Powered by 4th generation Lectrosonics digital technology, it includes high-efficiency circuitry specially developed for extended operating time on two AA batteries, and offers RF power selections at 25 and 50mW. The pure digital architecture enables AES 256-CTR encryption for applications requiring high-level security.

The DHu features an interchangeable capsule design compatible with the Lectrosonics HHC cardioid condenser capsule, as well as capsules from manufacturers such as EV, Shure, Heil Sound, Earthworks, Telefunken, and others. Condenser or dynamic mic capsules can be used, offering a versatile solution for a variety of wireless microphone applications including live performance, broadcast, houses of worship, and AV rental.

The unit incorporates advanced features optimized for speech and vocal reinforcement. It employs high-quality components in the preamp, a broad range of input-gain adjustment, and DSP-controlled analog limiting to deliver studio-quality audio at a 24-bit/48 kHz resolution. An adjustable low-frequency roll-off is available to control the proximity effect when using the mic close to the source.

A programmable button on the side of the transmitter can be configured as a mute/cough switch, a power switch, or a talkback switch for communication with the production crew. The DHu's rugged housing is milled out of aluminum alloy and powder coated for lasting performance.

Interchangeable Capsules

  • Lectrosonics offers two types of cardioid/condenser capsules. The HHC is the standard capsule and the HHVMC is the Variable Mic Capsule, which includes adjustments for bass, midrange, and treble.
  • The DHu accepts thread-on capsules from other manufacturers using a 1.2" opening and 28-thread pitch.

Input Gain Range and DSP-Controlled Limiter

  • The input gain is adjustable over a 45 dB range in 1 dB steps, allowing gain settings to accurately match the user’s voice and the varying sensitivity of different microphone capsules.
  • The transmitter employs a digitally controlled analog audio limiter prior to the A/D converter. The limiter has a range greater than 30 dB for excellent overload protection. A dual-release envelope makes the limiter acoustically transparent while maintaining low distortion.

Wideband Frequency Agility

  • The DHu tunes in coarse or fine steps across the entire 138 MHz UHF frequency range, from 470 to 608 MHz.

Three Levels of Encryption

  • Standard: This is the highest level of security.
  • Shared: The encryption key can be shared by the transmitter with other transmitters/receivers via the IR port.
  • Universal: This is the most convenient encryption option.

Programmable Button Functions

  • Mute: Operates as a toggle. One press and release mutes the audio, and the next restores the audio.
  • Cough: A momentary audio mute when the button is held in. Audio is restored as soon as the button is released.
  • Power: Operates in the same manner as the power button membrane switch on the control panel.
  • (None): Bypasses the switch.

Concealed Control Panel

  • The lower housing sleeve slides down for access to the control panel. Coarse threads hold the sleeve firmly in place during use but allow easy access to the control panel for setup and adjustment.

Intuitive Interface and Fast Setup

  • Setup and adjustments are enabled through a backlit LCD, membrane switches, and an intuitive menu structure.
  • The IR Sync port lets you transfer the frequency settings from the receiver to the transmitter for quick setup.
  • LEDs provide red/green indications of the audio level from -20 dB to the onset of limiting, enabling accurate input-gain adjustment.

Remote Control via LectroRM App

  • The LectroRM app (available separately) is a mobile application that lets you control the DHu, allowing you to change the audio level, frequency, and lock mode wirelessly. The app is available for iOS and Android operating systems.

Other Features

  • Operates for up to 5 hours on two AA batteries.
  • A unique helical antenna allows the transmitter to be held in any position, since the user’s hands have little or no effect on the RF output power.
  • The battery contacts hold the batteries firmly to prevent audible “rattle” when the transmitter is shaken.
  • Settings can be locked to prevent inadvertent changes from being made. When the unit is locked, the programmable switch continues to operate.
  • Firmware updates are made via the USB port on the side panel. The procedure is simple, using a menu item on the transmitter and a standard micro-USB cable.
  • Power Available: 5V, 25mA max.
  • Input Impedance: 1000 Ohms.


Wireless Transmission Digital UHF
RF Frequency Band 470 to 608 MHz
RF Bandwidth 138 MHz
Frequency Step Size 25 kHz
100 kHz
Sample Rate/Resolution 48 kHz / 24-Bit
Encryption AES 256
Modulation 8FSK


Form Factor Handheld
RF Output Power 25 / 50 mW
Audio I/O None
Muting Programmable Mute Switch
Gain Range 44 dB (1 dB Steps)
Signal Processing High-Pass Filter:
-3 dB at 35 Hz, 36 dB/Octave Slope
High-Pass Filter:
3 dB at 50 Hz, 36 dB/Octave Slope
High-Pass Filter:
3 dB at 70 Hz, 36 dB/Octave Slope
Frequency Response 40 Hz to 20 kHz ±1 dB
Sync Method IR
Antenna 1 x Internal Single-Band
Helical, Fixed (Handheld)
Power Requirements Battery
Battery Type 2 x AA (Included)
Approx. Battery Life High: 5 Hours (Alkaline)
USB/Lightning Connectivity 1 x Micro-USB (Host Connection)
Display & Indicators 1 x Back-Lit LCD (Audio Level, Battery Status, Channel, Mute)
2 x LED (Signal Strength)
Housing Aluminum
Operating Temperature -4 to 122°F / -20 to 50°C
Dimensions 9.5 x 1.9" / 241.3 x 48.3 mm
Weight 12.1 oz / 343.0 g (with Batteries, Capsule)

Packaging Info

Package Weight 1.455 lb
Box Dimensions (LxWxH) 13.2 x 5.4 x 3.4"