K-Tek Zeppelin Windscreen Slip on

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  • K-Tek Zppelin Windscreen Slip on by K-TEK

The K-Tek Zeppelin Fuzzy Shock Mount/Windscreen - Shoe Mount (Medium) features a layer of
high-density open-cell foam bonded to a body of reticulated foam. The outer layer is made of
top-quality synthetic fur on a tough tight-weave fabric backing, which is permanently fitted over
the foam structure.

The Zeppelin Fuzzy comes in various sizes for length -- short, medium, long and extra long. It can
be attached to the microphone in a variety of ways -- via a pole mount, shoe mount, or simply slide
the windscreen on to the microphone. K-Tek has anticipated all of your microphone windscreen needs.

Easy and Convenient The K-Tek one-piece windscreen is ideal for ENG and EFP production as it is
lightweight and durable. It will accommodate microphones 17-25 mm in diameter.

Length Internal Bore Length: 6.0" (15.2 cm) External Length: 8.0" (20.3 cm)

K-Tek Zeppelin - Slip-On Windscreen - (Medium)

* One-Year Warranty


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