K-Tek KE89CC Boom Pole

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  • K-Tek KE89CC Boom Pole with internal coiled cable by K-TEK

The K-Tek KE-89CC Avalon Series Aluminum Boompole provides a moderately priced, lightweight
boompole solution for ENG, EFP and other field recording applications. Its sturdy aluminum design is
tough enough to endure the rigors of road use while remaining lightweight and travel worthy. This
pole features an internally coiled cable and XLR connection at the base of the pole. A total of 4
aluminum sections telescope between 2.5 - 7.2' (0.76 - 2.19m) and will easily store in any standard
equipment case. The captive-collet coupling system lock each section in place for even further

• Internally coiled XLR cable and connection at the base

• The KE-89CC features a bottom-mounted 3-pin XLR connection

• Designed to fit in any standard equipment case, for ENG, EFP and DV location production work

• Jam-resistant collar coupling

• Unique pole top design with cable retention slots and replaceable stailess steel mounting stud

Product Specifications

Material Aluminum

Sections 4

Minimum Length 2.5 - 7.2' (0.76 - 2.19m)

Maximum Length 2.5 - 7.2' (0.76 - 2.19m)

Weight 1.11 lbs (0.50kg)

Load Capacity Not Specified By Manufacturer

What's in the Box?

K-Tek KE-89CC Avalon Series Aluminum Boompole with
Internal Coiled XLR Cable

* 1 Year Warranty