Hive Super Hornet 575-C Open Face Omni-Color Led Light

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  • Hive Super Hornet 575-C Open Face Omni-Color Led Light

Hive’s new Super Hornet 575-C is the a single point source modular omni color LED, with output equivalent to a 575W HMI or greater than a 2K incandescent. Everything you love about the C-Series, but more. Only drawing 500W, the Super Hornet 575-C has 2.5x the output of the Hornet 200-C. It’s the brightest single point Omni-Color light in the world.


Works with Hive and 3rd party accessories. 100% Profoto Compatible.

Point Source

Hard cuts or soft shadows, shape your light.

Durable Build

Aircraft grade aluminum gives the full system a weight of only 14lbs.

Full Spectrum Output

The densest LED array Hive has ever engineered means perfect ultra-bright white light at any color temperature.

Flicker Free

Pure DC Dimming makes means no flicker at any frame rate.

Infinite Color Combinations

Hive’s Omni-Color Controls allow you to pick the perfect light for your shot.