Fiilex P180E Rain Shield

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  • Fiilex P180E Rain Shield

The P180E Rain Shield is designed to give even further protection from the elements to the already water resistant P180E. Use of the Rain Shield brings the IP Rating from IP-24 to IP-25 and allows the unit to comfortably withstand direct streams of water without fear of damaging the electronics. The Rain Shield secures to the P180E by mounting on the hinges of the yoke and connecting a velcro strap around the underside of the light face.

Features »

  • Increases Protection Class Rating to IP-25
  • Velcro Strap for Easy Installation
  • Lightweight Plastic Design
  • Pre-Creased for Easy Assembly

Specifications »

Material Pre-Creased Plastic

IP Rating (when installed) IP-25 / IPX5

Compatible Products P180E

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(1) P180E Rain Shield