Employee Bios

Guy   Guy Cochran
Guy Cochran is "The Boss" and has been leading and growing the DVEstore team since 2004. With his signature ponytail, quick laugh and a big heart, he's a leader that we love to follow!
Jerry Melchor
Jerry Melchor is our marketing guru.  He strategizes, designs, photoshops, shoots video, photographs, creates motion graphics and more. Essentially he seems to know things.
Jason   Jason Jenkins
Jason Jenkins has a long history of one-man-band commercial and corporate video production and is now enthusiastically embracing the world of multi-camera live switching and web streaming. When he's not at work wearing wigs in the studio, he's bald and at home with his amazing wife and five kids. You can see his work on the DVEstore YouTube channel!
Jared Buckley
Jared Buckley organizes and imports the data for the items we have on hand to help people make better video. He loved details and want everything exactly right. He basically stares at grids, numbers and letters all day. He likes spending time with his kids at home while they climb on him or he cheers them as they run laps around the kitchen. He also enjoys watching movies while eating large meals. Other current hobbies include reading, exercising, and hiking, but everyone says that. His favorite author is Brandon Sanderson. His fastest mile swim this year is 28:21. He has done the Ptarmigan traverse.
Jennica   Jennica Thompson
Jennica Thompson graduated from the University of Washington in 2016 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration, with a focus in Accounting. She is the Staff Accountant here at the DVEstore–helping to maintain financial reports and performing general bookkeeping, as well as entering bills for vendor invoices. We are so glad that somebody actually enjoys doing that stuff! Outside of work, Jennica enjoys reading and camping, as well as reading while camping, and even reading about camping. 
Ryan Macindoe
Ryan Macindoe is the Warehouse Master of the Universe! By the power of Grayskull, he has the power to coordinate all that warehousey kind of stuff.
Joel   Joel Wallis
Joel Wallis has worked in all aspects of video production, from feature length and short films, live broadcast at an NBC News affiliate, camera assistant for HGTV, audio operator for EPK Features for FOX hit show Sleepy Hollow, FOX Sports, ESPN, NFL Sports, CBS, ABC and various music videos. From his well coiffed hair, you wouldn't know it, but Joel wears several hats at the DVEstore–from sales to customer support; and he produces content/videos for DVE’s blog and marketing department. His can-do personality pushes him to go above and beyond for his customers in helping them create better video. In his spare time, you can find Joel snowboarding, camping and riding his dual sport motorcycle, or flying his drone and shooting time lapses and scenics.