CineCoil Coil SDI - SD/HD/3G - 20in Cable

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  • CineCoil Coil SDI - (SD/HD/3G) 20" Cable by Cinecoil
  • Cinecoil SDI
  • CineCoil Coil SDI - (SD/HD/3G) 20" Cable by Cinecoil
  • Cinecoil SDI

One of the only SDI coiled cables on the market! Clean up your cabling to prevent snags! We use these on our cameras and when building streaming video kits.

Coil based SDI - BNC to BNC cable. Comfortably extends an additional 12" to allow mobility and adjusting of on board monitors, wireless systems, and recorders. Ideal for Teradek wireless systems and Steadicam™ configurations. Excellent for studio configurations as well as patching.

RoHS Compliant. The 30 AWG coating prevents signal lost, making it perfect for recording systems such as the Codex™, Blackmagic™ Hyperdeck Shuttle, and AJA Ki Pro™

UPC: 639266468950

CineCoil Comfortably extends from 20" to 32" 90º Connections Stress Relief 75 Ω 30 AWG Gold Pin Connection (SD/HD/3G) Compatible