Wireless Video 24/7: The Teradek Bolt Pro

Wireless Video 24/7: The Teradek Bolt Pro

Posted by Jason Jenkins on 28th Dec 2016

We recently produced a very demanding live event that required wireless HD video transmission. We rented some gear for the 24 hour, live-stream, and included in that was a Paralinx Arrow-X. Or so I thought. Turns out the available wireless video device was a Paralinx Arrow +, which, [after a quick test], was obviously not up to the task of delivering 1920x1080 29.97p video, flawlessly, [from various positions around the studio] for 24 hours straight. In a time crunch, we called on our friends at Koerner Camera in Seattle. They had a Teradek Bolt Pro 600 available––just what the doctor ordered!

Our setup consisted of two stationary cameras, a PTZ camera and a mobile, wireless camera. I mounted the Bolt Pro RX unit in a position that overlooked the set and would mostly offer us line-of-sight camera positions.

There was no noticeable latency in the wirelessly transmitted video from the Bolt Pro 600. It synced up perfectly with our three other SDI wired cameras The transmitter and receiver paired up without issue and we had a rock solid wireless signal for the entire duration of the 24 hour live webcast. We had a few battery changes throughout, as you can imagine, but we always reconnected automatically when the TX unit was powered back on.

Here's a shot of DVEstore founder, Guy Cochran, running our wireless camera during the Dancember broadcast.

Poor Benji was having his makeup done by his wife Judy. Entertainment value for the viewers? Yes, but I got the feeling Benji thinks he looks just fine without the makeup!

I was very pleased with the performance of the Teradek Bolt Pro 600. I spent most of my time at the controls of the TriCaster, switching between cameras, and it was certainly a weight off my mind not having to worry about a flaky wireless signal. Even when the mobile camera followed Judy into the dressing room, where she did her makeup tuturial, the signal was solid. 

That being said, apparently Teradek has improved upon this wireless video tech in their latest Bolt Pro models, the Bolt Pro 500, Bolt Pro 1000 & Bolt Pro 3000. These models include Rapid Reconnect functionality which gets you your signal back even more quickly––should you be disconnected due to distance, interfering obstacles or power cycling for a battery swap.

To polish off this post, and in case you didn't know, the DVEstore carries the full line of Teradek Bolt Pros, as well as streaming encoders such as the Vidiu Pro or the Cube.