Who You Gonna Call? DVE!

Who You Gonna Call? DVE!

I have worked customer service for DVEStore Inc. for almost two years. When I was hired on with the company, one thing was apparent. Customers were our top priority. I watched many times as my peers wouldn't just jump through hoops, they would dive, head first, ready to hit the hard, cold floor if they couldn't make things right. Our customers weren't just an email or a phone call, they were human beings who wanted to create better video and it was our mission to help them as much or as little as they needed.

Customer focus is the foundation of DVE which inspired me to create a customer focused blog.

Let me tell you a little story about a customer named Francine. 

Francine emailed us a year or so back. She was frantic, in an absolute panic.

There had been a fire in her home.

"It basically burnt everything to a crisp besides a few random things that are completely replaceable, like a dang can opener."

This wasn't one of those, "I am so sorry to hear that ma'am! What can I help you with today?" type of conversations. She was calling to express a loss, a grief so gray it resembled Seattle's Winters.

In the midst of her keepsakes and accumulated gifts, clothes, and grandma's china dishes, her Diva Ring Light also went with the fire.

"I relied on that thing for my work: I am a make-up artist. It helped me create beautiful looks for my clients and allowed them to truly see themselves."

Digging through the manufacturer warranty, it appeared that a ring light lost to a natural disaster was, unfortunately, not covered. We could have told her that she was out of luck and to purchase a new ring light. But that didn't sit well with our Customer Service Team.

Her company relied on the ring light. She relied on the ring light and we didn't want our reputation to go up in flames.

We swiftly placed an order for Next Day Air shipping for a new Diva Ring Light Super Nova.

We didn't tell her until it had shipped.

"Are you serious?! Oh my god, I am absolutely stunned right now. I can't thank you enough for doing this!"

"I couldn't imagine losing everything in a fire, this is the least we could do to help you out during this tough time."

She received the ring light the next day and was ecstatic to get back to work. She sent us an email stating that she was so relieved to have her ring light back and to be able to get back to doing what she loved--creating unique, colorful make up looks on her clients.

DVE Store is all about customer service, and we would love to help you!

Have you ever had an amazing customer service experience with us? Let us know! 

Email us at order@dvestore.com or give us a call at 360-653-7063.

19th Oct 2018 Calissa Treat

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