Video: RODE SmartLav

Video: RODE SmartLav

The RØDE smartLav microphone is a mic that you can use for many situations. It plugs in and records to your iPhone, iPod or iPad. You can use the RØDE Rec HD software or use your own recording software. 

In this demonstration Chip Dizard uses the smartLav outdoors with the included foam windscreen. You'll also hear the built-in mics of this popular DSLR camera - the Canon 7D. The difference is quite telling. Now remember, you can be hundreds or even thousands of feet away from the camera, and still be picking up great audio - unlike a wireless lavalier costing hundreds more! To sync, you may be able to use your editing software's tools to line up the audio with the video or use a third party app such as Plural Eyes.

We've seen high level productions where audio was ruined due to unforseen circumstances. Would it be worth the $60 to always have "dual system sound"? Based on pre-orders alone, we know the RODE smartLav is going to be a hit. Special thanks to Chip for taking the time to share his findings.

Visit Chip online at and check out what he has to say about the RODE smartLav.

20th Feb 2014 Guy Cochran

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