Video: RODE RODELink Performer Wireless System Unboxing

Video: RODE RODELink Performer Wireless System Unboxing

In this week's video, Dave walks us through the unboxing of Rode's new wireless system, the RODElink Wireless Performer Kit.


This is the new Rodelink Performer Kit. This is a new edition to Rode's wireless lineup. This has a handheld transmitter and a desktop receiver. So, in this video, we're gonna open this thing up and show you what you get when you buy the Rodelink Performer Kit.

And there it is. You can see it's nicely packaged. And the first thing we're going to take out is the receiver. This is a desktop receiver, AC-powered. So, there's the front panel, shows you some output level control power. And on the back, you have a couple different outputs, one on XLR row, one on 1/4 inch, USB power input, two SMA connectors for the antennas that are included, and it is mostly made out of metal, which is really nice. It's really rugged.

We also have our quickstart guide. And then, fancy silica gel, and then, a USB cable. You can use this to update the firmware on the receiver or charge the battery inside the transmitter. It also comes with the famous microphone pouch. So, you could throw that mic in there.

It also comes with a power supply. This plugs into the wall and then, at the end of the cable, you throw that onto the receiver. Now, here's something that's really cool. Rode has included different power adapters, depending on where in the world you are. So, here in the U.S., I use this one. But if you're in Europe, you use that one. Or if you're in the U.K., you use that one. And it comes with it. That's really cool. Most manufacturers don't do that. This is the lithium ion battery. This goes in the transmitter. You could charge it while it's in the transmitter. These are the two antennas. These screw onto the back of the desktop receiver and they can angle up, so you can get good reception. It also comes with this handy mic clip. Now, something that's really cool with this mic clip is this included 3/8 to 5/8 threaded adapter right there. What you'll end up doing is removing that so you can put that on a mic stand. But it is really handy to have and you can never have too many of these.

This is the handheld transmitter, a cardioid condenser and the power button is on the very bottom, right there. When you power that on, that'll light up. Mute switch, so you can mute it without having to turn it off. And then, when you open it up, you can see in here that's where the battery is gonna go, USB port, sync button. So, that's the handheld transmitter.

And that's pretty much it. That's what you get when you order the Rodelink Performer Kit. I'll be doing another video soon about how to use it. You can email me questions, product link is in the description. Don't forget to subscribe.

31st Oct 2017 Dave Fisk

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