Video: RODE RODELink Performer Review and Overview

Video: RODE RODELink Performer Review and Overview

In this week's video, Dave gives us an overview and demo of Rode's new wireless system, the RODElink Wireless Performer Kit.


The new RØDElink Performer kit is the latest addition to RØDE's wireless lineup. It includes a handheld transmitter and a tabletop receiver. The receiver has two outputs, one on XLR and one on quarter inch that is line-level output. There are two SMA connectors for antennas that you screw on to the back. This is the power supply, and the cool thing about this power supply is that they provide different plugs depending on where in the world you are, and they snap on very easily.

Once I've plugged in the power, I can turn the receiver on and the display will fire up. And the display will show you a couple things right away. On the left side, you see a number. That's the channel that it's on. The middle will show your audio level. And on the right side of the display, you could see your output level, which I'm adjusting here, and you could see the Wi-Fi signal. Right now, that says it's not connected to the transmitter.

On the left side of the receiver, you see a red button. That's the pair button. And here, I'm going to turn the transmitter on. And when that little red light on the bottom of the transmitter on, that means it is not paired with the receiver, so this is how you pair it. You press the red button, and then you press the channel button, and then you press the red button on the transmitter and then that will start to blink a P for pair, and once it's paired, you'll see the number there. And then to change it, you press the red button on the receiver again, change the channel button, press and hold the red button on the transmitter and they'll pair up. And that's how they look like they're paired. And there you can see audio levels, so once you have audio level coming in, it'll display there.

The transmitter has a mute switch on it which is handy for talent to be able to turn it on and off without actually physically turning the transmitter on and off. There is a mute override on the receiver which is very nice in case the talent accidentally mutes the transmitter. The back of the receiver has a mic line switch, that XLR output is switchable. And so you could plug a quarter-inch output on it, if you want to come line-level unbalanced out and XLR out for any other source.

The transmitter is battery-powered, and this is the battery compartment. It comes with a rechargeable battery and you slide it in right there, pop it in, there you go. In order to charge the battery, there is a microUSB port on the transmitter, and you just plug it in to really any standard USB charger, that little C bunk button will blink saying that it is charging. And when it's done charging, that'll be on constantly.

This is something that's really handy for front-of-house engineers. That light on the bottom of the transmitter is red. That means it is not paired. When it's paired, it'll turn green. So if you're not getting signal and you can't see the receiver, just look at that little red light from the stage and you'll see that it's not paired. That's just another easy way to see if you have a problem for troubleshooting. And now that it's paired back up, it's green again.

Rode RODElink Performer Kit RØDELink Wireless kit

RODElink Performer Kit in action

Now, I like to carry my stuff around because I've used this and I take it with me wherever I go. The K-Tek Large Gizmo bag is the perfect bag for carrying this around. It's padded so it protects it, and I could fit the receiver, the handheld transmitter, the power supply, the little power adapters, the plug adapters, if I'm going from one country to another, and I can fit a small output cable. I really like this because I could fit everything I need in this one small little case. And we've actually paired this up with the wireless system as a kit. The link is in the description.

So this system is great for places like comedy clubs, large company meetings, if you're DJ for wedding receptions, small music venues or lots of other places. But here's something that's really cool. You can use the existing RØDE Wireless pieces like the portable receiver or the body pack transmitter or the plug-on transmitter, you can use these interchangeably with the Performer kit. You can use all of the RØDE wireless systems interchangeably with each other. So you can mix and match as you need.

So if you have any questions, you could shoot me an email,, and don't forget to subscribe to this channel for updates on new products and informational videos. And when you do that, hit the little bell next to the subscribe button. That way, you'll get notified when I upload new content. Thanks for watching.

16th Nov 2017 Dave Fisk

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