Video: Proper Budgeting for your Audio Equipment Purchase

Video: Proper Budgeting for your Audio Equipment Purchase

When it comes to purchasing audio equipment, there are a lot of things to consider. Sometimes it isn’t just a matter of buying on a recorder or only a wireless system. There are other products involved. Sometimes what you may be looking to purchase might not be the right choice for what you are trying to achieve. In this video, Dave talks about what is involved in budgeting for an audio purchase and the steps you should take.


Hi, everyone, Dave from DVeStore here, and today we're talking about proper budgeting. Now, I'm talking about budgeting for equipment purchases, not budgeting for your production and post-production. It's before you even get to that point. I deal all the time with folks that, you know, they just spent $15 grand on a camera, but they only have $500 left over for audio, and it's like, "Well, audio isn't leftover, audio is half of your project." Sometimes all the audio equipment you may need, depending on your project, could cost more than your camera. It depends. The thing to do is talk to someone like myself about what your needs are, what the project is, and what your expectations are. And then we can tell you the proper equipment you're going to need, and what those costs are so you could have a little bit of a reality check before you start digging into your wallet.

Oftentimes I run into people that have spent, you know, $500, $600 on an audio recorder, and they need powering, and they need wireless, and they need a bag, and they need headphones, and a shotgun mic, and a boom pole, and cables, and all that stuff. But they don't know they need that until after they've bought the recorder. So that's why I really, really can't recommend enough to actually talk to someone like myself and say, "Okay, I'm looking to get a MixPre-6," or, "I'm looking to get an F4," or, "I'm looking to get a 633. What else is involved here? I know, you know, the recorder costs 3,300 bucks, I know it costs $900, but what else am I in for? I'm gonna be doing documentaries in the Himalayas." Well, okay, you need a really good bag, not just a canvas wrap, but you need a good bag because you need to bring extra batteries. You're gonna have wireless systems you're gonna be dealing with. Now all of a sudden all that other stuff is costing you more than what the actual recorder did. And that's okay. That happens. That's part of the game.

So shoot me an email, to learn about your proper budgeting. And I can help you get dialed in on what you need. And do me a favor, click that "Subscribe" button below to subscribe to my YouTube channel, and click that little bell, that way you'll get notified every time I upload a new video.

6th Oct 2017 Dave Fisk

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