Video: How to use Timecode on the Sound Devices Mixpre-3 and Mixpre-6

Video: How to use Timecode on the Sound Devices Mixpre-3 and Mixpre-6

In today's video Dave walks us through how to use timecode on the Sound Devices MixPre-3 and MixPre-6.


The new Sound Devices MixPre are timecode capable recorders, but they approach timecode differently than some other recorders.

They can take an external timecode source and sync to that source, and in order to maintain timecode, they have to stay connected to that timecode source. Because of this, the MixPres will automatically set themselves to whatever frame rate the external source is at. Access to the timecode menu is available in all modes, and there are two ways to get timecode into the MixPres, either via the micro HDMI port or the Aux input. In basic mode, you only have access to time of day timecode, or the HDMI timecode In.

To access the timecode in basic mode, go to the first page of the main menu, and select "Timecode." From here, you could select either time of day, or HDMI In. To set the HDMI record trigger in basic mode, go to the second page of the main menu, and select "Record," then select "Rec Trigger." Then select "HDMI flag."

Using the HDMI port for timecode is really designed to take timecode from a camera that has an HDMI port on it, and the camera has to be able to output timecode on its HDMI port. So keep in mind there are lots of different cameras out there with HDMI on them. And right now it's impossible for me to know which ones are going to work properly with the MixPres and which ones aren't. But Sound Devices is compiling a list of cameras on their website with some helpful how to guides that show how to set things up with the cameras.

In order to get timecode into the MixPres via HDMI in advanced mode, you go to the second page of the main menu, and select "Timecode." Then select "HDMI TC In." This tells the MixPres to look for incoming timecode on the HDMI port. It's really handy to have the MixPres go into record remotely when you press record on the camera, but you need to tell them to do this. So you go to the second page of the main menu, and then select "Record." Go to the second page of this menu, and you'll see "Rec Trigger." Select that, and then select "HDMI flag." This sets the MixPres to go into record remotely once you go onto record on the camera you are connected to via HDMI.

Once you have your camera connected and have the camera set up properly, you will see the timecode on the home screen of the MixPre. You can also send timecode into the MixPres via the Aux input in advanced mode. You'll need to make sure you have a cable that goes from whatever your time code source is to a stereo mini male. And you'll need to make sure it is wired correctly. I'm using a Betso timecode box that has a timecode out via 5 pin LEMO. And I have a remote audio cable that goes from 5 pin LEMO to stereo mini male.

This cable is made for this very purpose, to get timecode into the MixPres via the Aux input. From the main menu, go to the inputs menu, then select "Aux In Mode," then select "Timecode." Now you go back to the main menu, and from there, you select timecode.

For the way my cable is wired, I need to select Aux In 1. When I go to the home screen, I'll see the timecode that is free running and in sync from my timecode input source.

Here's an important thing. If you are using the Aux inputs for timecode, they are not available for audio. This means you cannot run timecode on Aux In 1, and then audio on Aux In 2. It's either timecode, or audio.

So that's pretty much it. If you have any questions, shoot me an email,

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13th Jul 2017 Dave Fisk

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