Umbrella vs. Soft Boxes

Umbrella vs. Soft Boxes

Diva Ring Light has created two new kits to add to your lighting setup. Both are great for creating 3-point lighting, but one kit might fit your needs better than the other. Let me explain the benefits of each kit so that you can decide which is best for you.

Come step under Diva Ring Light’s umbrella…ella….ella.

The Two Light Umbrella kit comes with a soft carrying case, two light stands, two LED bulbs, and two shoot-through umbrellas.

Shoot-through umbrellas are made from translucent white fabric which allows the camera flash to pass through with ease--creating a soft, seamless light. The main benefit of the umbrella light is that you can place it closer to your subject. This is great for wedding photography or portraiture.

Umbrella lights are generally best for portability.

If you are constantly on the go or if space is an issue, then the umbrellas are the better option for you. They are smaller than the Soft Box Kits in size, making them more travel friendly. As far as the quality of light goes, umbrellas are great for a more spread out lighting setup. Due to the curved shape, they will add more pop to the edges of shadows.

If you are anything like a Seattlelite and umbrellas just aren’t your thing, then check out the Diva Ring Light Soft Box Kits.

This kit comes with two 20x28 soft boxes, two LED Bulbs, two light stands, and a soft carrying case for easy mobility.

The soft box lights are better than the umbrella's at controlling the shape and direction of light. Since these soft boxes are rectangular, they have the advantage of being able to produce a more natural light by mimicking the shape of a window. If natural lighting is what you are trying to achieve, this kit is probably best suited for you. Due to the wide, flat shape of the soft box, this kit also helps lessen the intensity of shadows. The Diva Ring Light Soft Box kit is larger in size, but still has a carrying case allowing you to take it with you to your next shoot.

Both kits will bring incredible lighting to your next gig or project. If you have a ring light already, either kit will be a great addition, giving you a 3-point lighting system. You can even combine the two kits to show versatility.

Please let us know if you have any questions for us. We are here, waiting to fulfill the lighting of your dreams. Feel free to contact us at 360-653-7063 or email us at

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