Top 5 Items Needed To Start Creating Video

Top 5 Items Needed To Start Creating Video

At DVE we are all about creation. Our mission is to help you create better video. This list is our top five pieces of equipment we feel can help you capture the best content you possibly can. Videos that have quality lighting, audio and your shinning personality, are what will draw in followers and viewers. With these five items, you will be ready to create art.

1. Good Lighting

You can have the best camera on the face of this green earth, but it won’t matter if you don’t have quality lighting. We recommend the Prismatic LED Halo ring light for it’s easy set-up and LED daylight effect it will add to your videos. If you want additional lighting, we recommend adding two Prismatic Luna Beauty Dishes. This kit creates a beautiful three-point lighting setup for your YouTube studio you are creating.

If the Diva Ring Light is more your thing, we recommend the Diva Ring Light Super Nova and the two light Soft Box or umbrella kit. This kit will add that extra oomph to your videos that your subscribers are looking for. Having proper lighting is the easiest way to create a good first impression to your audience.

2. A Tripod or Light Stand

What you mount your ring light to is very important. It allows you to cater to your specific setup needs and work with the space you have. If you are limited on space and want your ring light to mount onto a desk or table top, we recommend this weighted light stand for the Prismatic Ring Lights or the Mini Desk Tripod for the Diva Ring Lights. If you are looking to mount your ring light onto something that is a little taller (6-feet to be exact) you will need the 6-foot light stand. Diva Ring Light and Prismatic each have their own version of this, both basically accomplishing the same thing. They are both adjustable and can get down to about 3.5-4 feet and extend up to 6 feet (duh). These are great because they are slender and don't take up as much space as a tripod but can still hold the weight of the ring light.

If you are looking for a little more stability but still want the height of the light stand, you should look into getting a tripod. Prismatic ring lights cannot be mounted onto a tripod, but Diva Ring Lights sure can be. We recommend the Diva Ring Light Video Tripod for starters. If you want to go the more high-end, professional route, we recommend the Benro A373FBS7 Aluminum Tripod.

3. A Mount for your Camera, Tablet or Phone so that You Can Press Play

Having a mount for your filming equipment so that your friend doesn’t have to hold it, is convenient and saves you from owing anyone favors. The Prismatic ring light has a mini-ball head mount that can be used to mount your small camera or a phone/tablet. We recommend this phone mount and this tablet mount. Do you have a heavy duty, DSLR camera? We do offer an upgraded shoe mount for heavier cameras, so you don’t have to worry about any accidents happening during your recording time.

If you are going the Diva Ring Light route, you will want to purchase the Z-Bracket for Light Stands. This will allow you to mount your ring light and/or camera to the 6-foot light stand. If you want to mount a phone here as well, you will want to purchase the Diva Ring Light Smart Phone Mount. Luckily mounting your camera to a tripod with the Diva Ring Light is easy, it already comes with the bracket needed to accomplish this.

4. Don’t Forget About Your Audio

The same rule for good lighting goes for audio. Your videos may look great, but viewers want a clear, crisp video so that they can soak up all that knowledge you are about to drop, and we know you are chalk full of it. We recommend the Rode Studio Boom Kit. This set up comes with the mic, boom stand, adapter and cable you will need to capture quality audio. The good news is that it’s less than 200 dollars and will hardly take up any of that precious space you are trying to save. If you like the Rode Studio Kit but wan to upgrade your mic, we have the same kit available, just accompanied by the Rode Video Mic Pro+.

If you are looking for a mic to connect to your phone for an easier setup, we recommend the Rode Video Mic ME-L. This is a high-quality microphone for your iPhone or iPad (with Lightning connector) designed to give you incredible audio when shooting video.

5. A Back Drop

You probably don’t want your audience getting distracted by that neon yellow paint job you’ve been meaning to fix while you’re trying to broadcast something magical. Back drops are an affordable way to spice up your videos. They can create a chic flare to your look and keep your audience focused on what matters most, your content. We recommend this Westcott back drop here. We carry many different Westcott back drops so make sure to check them all out before settling on one. And who says you have to settle? Add a few different ones you can rotate during your videos to keep things fresh.

 Quality videos can be the stepping stone to creating a hobby or even career out of the content you make. We provide the tools, but you are what makes your videos unique and captivating. It’s time to let your creativity, vibrancy, and passion come to life. Please submit any questions you may have to us at If you want to send us a picture of the space you have to work with, we will be more than happy to guide you in the right direction!

2nd Oct 2018 Calissa Treat

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