The All New Roland V1-HD+ VS The Roland V1-HD

The All New Roland V1-HD+ VS The Roland V1-HD

Roland has released a new video switcher, the Roland V-1HD+, which ads improvements to its favorable flagship model the Roland V-1HD. So what are its key main features and improvements to the Roland V-1HD+ series.

First, let’s do an overview of the input and output of the Roland V-1HD. This unit has an HDMI output, HDMI preview, and four HDMI inputs. In terms of audio, the Roland V-1HD has a composite input/output. 

When comparing this old unit to the new unit, it looks like we got a little bit of an upgrade here in the Roland V-1HD+. We still have the two HDMI outputs, as well as the four HDMI inputs. However, on the fourth input, and a new scaler, which will give you greater flexibility for video inputs

Also, there is a big upgrade here in the audio department. There are two XLR inputs, as well as two ¼” TRS outputs. These inputs support phantom power so you have freedom to connect to any microphone or mixer you want to. This is a welcome upgrade that gives us additional flexibility and fits a wider variety of work flows.

Next improvement that I would like to highlight on the Roland V-1HD+ is the picture and picture source. With the new Roland V-1HD+, you can change your input sources for your picture and picture independently from your background in real time. This is an awesome feature for teams that utilize a lot of Picture in Picture (PiP). You can also control the placement of the PiP with the two control knobs. You can control the placement of your PiP on an X and Y axis with these controls. If you push down and turn it at the same time, it changes the size as well as the zoom. You can make the change in real time as well. So if you are using a lot of picture and picture and are looking for that extra control, this switcher has definitely got the hardware that you need.

The final feature I would like to mention is the Media Pool access. The Roland V1HD+ can store media content on a USB and recall 4 independent stills. Since the content is stored on an external media source the Content will not be erased when you power cycle the unit.

If you are looking to stream from the Roland V1HD+ has you covered. They are currently releasing a bundle that includes an exclusive USB capture card that can take the HDMI signal from the Roland V1HD+ and send it into your favorite streaming software via USB. Since the Roland V1HD+ has a dedicated HDMI Preview/Program output, your Multi-view functions independently from your HDMI Program output which is very convenient for streaming.

Overall, I think all of the upgrades included in the Roland V1HD+ make for a comprehensive unit that will fit into a lot of Houses of Worship and streaming setups. It excels in PiP work flows and fits in nicely into most established audio systems. The new audio controls at your figure tips generates a lot of confidence for operators in any application. Rolands decision to keep the dedicated Multi-view output is great.This makes integrating the Roland V1HD+ into Image Magnification (IMAG) and streaming setups much easier.

If you have any more questions about this unit or are looking to get your hands on one, reach out to or call me Bryce at (360) 653-7063.

View the: 

Roland V-1HD+

Roland V-1HD+ With UVC-01 Streaming Encoder

Roland V-1HD

Roland V-1HD With UVC-01 Streaming Encoder

7th Dec 2020 Bryce Livengood

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