Run, Don't Walk! The Joby's Have Taken Over!

Run, Don't Walk! The Joby's Have Taken Over!

DVE Store has been invaded.

A small creature with three legs has taken over our office... and we are loving it!

Who knew an invasion could feel so good.

The Joby GorillaPods are finally in stock at DVE Store. This portable tripod has flexible legs that can wrap around objects for stability and is the perfect addition to any utility bag. It has three small rubberized feet, allowing this little guy to stabilize on just about any surface. It also has a small tilt and pan arm that allows the Joby to tilt at a 135° angle and pan 360°.

The small quick release mounting plate enables you to attach your camera, smart phone, or Go-Pro to this alien. The variety of options really amps up the value!

DVEStore attended Vidcon this year and saw these everywhere. Even Casey Nesitat has made the "Bendy Tripod" the most popular camera accessory.

Our team was beyond excited to finally have the Joby GorillaPod in stock and they wanted to share with you why:

“I've been shooting with a Joby GorillaPod for years, and when I need a lightweight run-n-gun rig, nothing beats it in terms of flexibility and adaptability. I love it!”

Jason Jenkins- Video Producer/Sales Engineer

“My favorite features from Joby are its size and portability. It's small enough to fit in just about any backpack without sticking out and it's light enough to tote around all day. Another awesome feature is the quick release plate system. Often with lower priced travel tripods, you sacrifice features for weight and a space saving option. However, with Joby they've kept industry standard features such as an Arca-Swiss compatibility quick release system, bubble levels, and an adjustment ball head.”

Jeremy Wilcoxson- Purchasing Agent

“I really like the quality of their products. It doesn't feel cheap or flimsy. They are super versatile and sturdy--able to hold in most applications. Definitely a must-have in your camera bag for the unexpected.”

Joel Wallis- Audio Visual Sales Engine

"As a vlogger, I've been wanting one for myself since I saw Casey Neistat with one. Mobile, easy to use, and allows for those quick run-n-gun shoots. Love the fact that we finally got them in stock!"

Jerry Melchor- Marketing and Communications Coordinator

We bet you are just as excited as we are about Joby Gorillapod crashing into DVE Store.

Please contact us if you have any questions about the tripod or if you just want to express your excitement, or tag us in your Joby Gorillapod snap shots on Instagram, we are here to listen!

Give us a call at (360) 653-7063 or email us at

31st Aug 2018 Calissa Treat

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