Remote Live Streaming is the future - live-streaming eagle's nest with Christian Sasse  and David Hancock

Remote Live Streaming is the future - live-streaming eagle's nest with Christian Sasse and David Hancock

We first met up with Christian Sasse back in 2014. Even back then he had a dream of live-streaming eagle's nests. It was a vision we wanted to help with. At the time our store had a complicated cellular bonding solution which we had been using internally with great success. However, it was very expensive and required a lot of set-up and maintenance to keep streams up and running. Really broadcast engineer level skills were required. Fast forward 5 years.  LiveU has now made it incredibly simple with the new unit called the “Solo". Basically it is a Hardware Video Encoder with HDMI input. Kind of like a single purpose computer, only so small it can fit in a purse. It is a network “Appliance”. We can feed a single camera into the Solo's HDMI input and broadcast to the world via a number of different services - mainly YouTube and Facebook. The benefit of a single use appliance like the LiveU is that they are incredibly stable. 


You’ll notice that the massive 800mm lens that is able to reach out hundreds even thousands of feet to provide a close-up image is really not meant to be maneuvered quickly. Nor can it provide wide shots of people standing nearby. While it is great at reaching out, it is a fixed lens, meaning it can not zoom back out to wide like you might expect. To be able to see a different, wider view with our “Talent”, we need another camera with a wide lens. In this case a Sony video camera with a variable zoom lens to go from wide shots to close up. To be able to quickly switch between the two sources we needed a video switcher. DVE was actually at the big NAB show in Las Vegas when  Roland previewed the V-02HD switcher to a handful of people. We thought the idea was fantastic - a simple two HDMI input switcher that was easy to operate in the field. When Christian mentioned that he was looking for such a device, we knew exactly what to recommend. With this device we can do Split screen, PiP (Picture in Picture) as well as pull up graphics and do soft or hard transitions such as fades and wipes.

You’ll notice in the picture that there is a big black box which contains the battery and an inverter which allows the 12V automobile style battery to be used by household style AC devices. You’ll also notice a charger to bring the battery back up to full charge.

Overall a solid, cutting edge, portable package for streaming remotely. We thank Christian for trusting us with our recommendations and love seeing gear put to exciting use. Christian truly is building a community and helping the world to be a better place. Tune in to his Channels here:



DVE Store is proud to be offering our bandwidth to help with the live streams.  

DVE Store's Sasse Photo Live Steam Set Up:

      Hollyland HL-Mars-300 MARS 300 Dual HDMI Wireless Video Transmission System

It is estimated that live Internet video will account for 17 percent of Internet video traffic by 2022. Live video will grow 15-fold from 2017to 2022. Check out this article by Wowza on live streaming workflow.


*Graphic by Wowza

1st Jul 2019

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