Rack Mounting RODELink Wireless Filmmaker Kits

Rack Mounting RODELink Wireless Filmmaker Kits

I recently did a video studio installation/integration for a school and the budget was tight. Really tight! I wanted to give them the most for their money and, of course, meet the technical needs they had outlined for the project. I was scouring my equipment list for a place to shave off a few hundred dollars, so I started taking a closer look at the four rack-mount wireless receivers that I had specced out. They were on the pricey side, but I didn't want to cheap out and end up with a bunch of belt-pack receivers littering the console in the the control room––I could just see the mess of cables everywhere, not to mention having to constantly swap out batteries. Not gonna go there.

Being familiar with the relatively inexpensive  RODElink Digital Wireless Filmmaker Kits, I thought perhaps there could be a way to rackmount them and power them externally. Sure enough, with the help of the Manfrotto 143S Flash Shoe, I was able to secure the RODElink receivers to a rack shelf that came with convenient pre-drilled holes. Handily, each of the RX units has a USB port for external power. I attempted to use a USB hub as a power distributer, but that resulted in a lot of interference noise. When I gave each receiver its own USB power source, the noise disappeared.

The video production teacher is pleased as punch with the audio performance, and I was happy that I was able to give them four channels of wireless audio within their budget. WIN WIN!!

The short video below shows the RODElink rackmount setup, and all the pieces I used to put it together.

31st Oct 2016 Jason Jenkins

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