Pro Bono Video  Production: The Nourishing Network

Pro Bono Video Production: The Nourishing Network

I love using my talents for good causes, so I was happy when I heard that the DVEstore would be helping to produce a couple of videos for the Edmonds Foundation. One particular focus, this year, is on a program called the Nourishing Network.

I find it very fulfilling to work for a cause that does such good in the community. In fact, I wouldn't mind spending all my time producing videos for good causes! That brings up an important point to consider. One cannot make a living doing pro bono work for charity. If you are independently wealthy and want to dedicate your life to pro bono work, then more power to you! However, that is not the reality for most of us.

I feel fortunate to work for a company that donates time and money to charitable causes, such as this. When doing pro bono work, I recommend that you help the charity understand the monetary value of your work by sending them an invoice with the total of all your time and expenses. Then, at the bottom, you discount everything so the total comes to $0.00. This puts your talent/skill contribution into concrete terms that they can understand––and appreciate. People that don't do video for a living, generally have no idea what goes into it, so always put a price tag on your work.

Now get out there and do some good in the world!

2nd Apr 2018 Jason Jenkins

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