New Recorders from Sound Devices: MixPre-3 and MixPre-6

New Recorders from Sound Devices: MixPre-3 and MixPre-6

Posted by Dave Fisk on 23rd May 2017

Sound Devices excited the production sound world yet again with the announcement of two new recorders; the MixPre-3 and the MixPre-6. These impressive recorders have the all new Kashmir microphone pre-amps from Sound Devices, an internal mixer, USB interface functionality (with the ability to stream via USB and record simultaneously), a full color touch screen display, timecode reader, and many other features.

At $899, the MixPre-6 has 4 mic/line inputs with XLR/TRS combo connectors that supply 48v phantom power and records to 8 tracks. The MixPre-3 ($649) has 3 XLR inputs with 48v phantom power and can record to 5 tracks. For a full list of features and a comparison between the two, take a look at this information sheet.

These amazing new recorders are now in stock, but supplies are limited, so get your order in now.

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