How to Go Pro With Your Phone

How to Go Pro With Your Phone

If shaky footage is a common issue for you when creating videos, we have the solution. The RIZER smartphone rig is finally at DVE Store! This accessory will provide the stability you have been craving. This RIZER rig can hold most smartphones with a 4 to 7 inch screen. This is a simple way to ensure that your phone will capture steady footage while filming your videos. We want to help capture your adventurous spirit through live video, and shaky footage can get in the way of that goal. 

The RIZER smartphone rig is an affordable accessory that has a simple setup. Just slip in your phone and you're ready to film. Here at DVE, we use our stabilizer in a kit setup to ensure we capture our adventures using the video rig to its fullest potential!

Here's a breakdown of our recommended kit:

Rizer SP-RIG Smartphone Rig

Rizer SP-LED Smartphone Light

Rizer SP-BTC Smartphone Bluetooth Clicker

The two lights will provide the illumination needed for your videos while the bluetooth clicker remote releases your shutter, eliminating screen bounce. This kit is all you need to bring your studio on the go with you. You can even put the RIZER smartphone rig onto a tripod or attach that Go Pro you just can’t get enough of. The RIZER smartphone rig is versatile and can be used creatively for different setups.

Quality Audio goes hand in hand with capturing captivating footage. We recommend the new Rode Videomic Me-L because of its external headphone output. We recommend getting the mic closer to the subject when shooting video with your phone. You can also add the Rode VideoMic Studio Boom Kit to your setup which allows you to put the mic right overhead. You may need a SC7 cable  (TRS to TRRS) for compatibility between the microphone and your smartphone.

Here are a few Pro Tips to capture the best video with your phone:

1. Turn on or enable "Grid-lines" on your phone to help you with subject placement. Go to Settings > Photos or Camera > Grid

2. Switch your phone to airplane mode. The last thing you want is a phone call disturbing your shoot.

3. Set Exposure manually. You can do this by going into your camera > tap on the screen until you see a small sun icon > swipe up and down to control your lighting exposure.

4. Use the Filmic Pro app to gain access to additional pro features such as white balance, frame rate, VU Meters, Exposure, Focus, and the Filmic Extreme CODEC for a higher data rate file.

5. For better stabilization using the smartphone video rig, make sure you lock your arms/elbows close to your body. This will stabilize the rig so that your footage doesn't come out shaky.

Future product alert! We're working on portable USB battery chargers to add to the setup allowing for long form YouTube live and Facebook live sessions!

We hope these tips and The Rizer smart phone rig guide you in shooting steady footage, which ultimately helps you create better video.

If you have any questions regarding this new smartphone rig or want to send us videos of it in use, please give us a call at (360) 653-7063 or email us at

We can’t wait to hear from you!

22nd Aug 2018 Calissa Treat

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