Graphics, Streaming & Recording for your ATEM Switcher!

Graphics, Streaming & Recording for your ATEM Switcher!

When I was first getting to know Blackmagic Design's line of ATEM switchers, I was a little put off by the complexity of getting a lower third graphic into the ATEM software for live playout. I ended up making a 15 minute tutorial about how to do it. It's had over 6,500 views this year, so I can see that I wasn't the only one struggling with it. However, even knowing all the steps and hoops to jump through, doesn't make it convenient or easy to integrate multiple graphics into an ATEM live production. Bringing in animations or videos is also really painful and limited. I knew there had to be a better way. After a lot of exploration and testing, I've found it in mimoLive!

mimoLive is a brilliant piece of software for Mac only. It has integrated live-streaming and recording capability, as well as an optional ATEM Controller plug-in that allows you remote control of your ATEM over a network connection. But, the thing that really sold me on mimoLive is it's ability to easily and simply bring in graphics, with alpha channel, as well as animations and video clips! You get all the I/O power of the ATEM, with a convenient and simple graphics/video playback system.

DVEstore is now a mimoLive reseller––and we carry the full line of Blackmagic Design's ATEM switchers, cameras and converters. Whether you need some help picking out a single piece of gear, or you need someone to design an entire multi-camera system for you––we can handle it!

Here's a video showing my Macbook Pro running mimoLive, controlling an ATEM 2 M/E and playing out graphics, video clips and animations.

10th Oct 2016 Jason Jenkins

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