Downloadable sample footage: Sony FX9, Canon C500, Arri Alexa Mini LX, RED Gemini

Downloadable sample footage: Sony FX9, Canon C500, Arri Alexa Mini LX, RED Gemini

Northwest camera launched an event in Seattle to get together some of the hottest full frame cameras on the market. The public was invited over to Olympic studios to try them out on set. Event attendees in Seattle were offered the ability to shoot some sample footage of a few local actors, actresses, friends and whomever wanted to jump in the "Hot seat". 

DVE Store was invited to wrangle the data and live switch. Attendees were invited to bring their own hard drive and copy files shot that evening. We have added these RAW files to download below. Be aware that some are over 100GB. To give attendees on the set a better view of the action, we used a  Blackmagic ATEM Television Studio Pro 4K to bring all of the cameras in via HD-SDI. Use used the ATEM's muliviewer to show attendees 7 cameras live on one large 4K 40" screen. This also gave the ability to switch any single camera to full screen. Notice how #8 is actually the 4K HDMI multiview output looped back in via SDI. 

Here is a sample:

Here is a video showing the Canon C500 auto focus. Interesting how the AF Response and AF Speed react as changed to slow down the often distracting, jarring motion. 

Items of note. The Alexa Mini LF and RED had the most filmic look. They're also the most expensive. Surprisingly the newcomer, Z-Cam held it's own. The autofocus on the C500 as demonstrated above was very impressive. The Sony FX9 with the Sigma 85mm Cine lens was incredibly detailed. The files output were also the easiest in post (post ready, no conversion).

Note: Footage will need to be converted using the manufacturer's supplied software. 

Download RAW files:

Z-Cam F6  (No longer available due to bandwidth)10.8GB

Canon C500 Mark II (No longer available due to bandwidth) 41GB

Sony FX9  Download 1.37GB

RED Gemini (No longer available due to bandwidth)107GB

Arri Alexa Mini LF (No longer available due to bandwidth) 136GB

27th Mar 2020 Guy Cochran

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