COVDID-19 Impacting the Video Production Industry and why Live Streaming is BOOMING!

COVDID-19 Impacting the Video Production Industry and why Live Streaming is BOOMING!

With COVID-19 spreading throughout the USA and the rest of the world, many faced with weeks of quarantine and self isolation have turned to live streaming as a way to convey their messages to others.

I must say it is very interesting to watch as our industry changes day by day. Film productions, K-12 schools, Universities, and Colleges have been shut down in some places for weeks to months. Teachers are being advised to provide coursework to students via online resources using video. House of worships are now transmitting their services through online live streams on Facebook, YouTube and other social platforms. Concerts and other live music events have been shut down completely or postponed such as the big events SXSW and Ultra Music Festival with bands like The Dropkick Murphys announcing that the "show must go on" streaming their entire 2:00 hour empty venue annual Saint Patricks show in Boston, MA for fans to watch on Facebook.

NAB (National Association Broadcasters), has been completely canceled for April 2020 and the entertainment, film and media industry, have felt the impacts. With many manufacturers not able to keep up with the demand many items are now out of stock. Including Blackmagic's popular ATEM Mini. Luckily, at DVE Store we have a team of professionals who can help you put together live streaming solutions for whatever your needs may be, such as the Roland V-1HD or our Data Video complete live streaming kits. Wether you are a church, K-12 school, college professor, musician, or podcaster we are willing to work with you to get you the video live streaming solution you need!

Here is an easy basic scenario below to help you get live streaming but if you still need help please do not hesitate to give me a call or email me at:  (425) 535-4977  Email:

Items shown in schematic below:

Roland V-1HD Compact 4 x HDMI Input Switcher

Magewell USB Capture HDMI


RODE VideoMic M-EL microphone for smartphones (lighting connector)

RODE VideoMic ME microphone for smartphones (TRRS headphone socket)

SlingStudio Hub and SlingStudio Hub Battery

25th Mar 2020 Joel Wallis

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