Converting an Office into a Live Video Studio!

Converting an Office into a Live Video Studio!

This month I was introduced to the Proctor Gallagher Institute when I was asked to help them convert a home office into a live-streaming studio!

After talking with Josh, their IT guru, it was clear that he was insane. He wanted the entire setup able to be remote-controlled via the internet! The first thing he did was put together a monstrous i9 PC, which is roughly the size of my VW Golf (and only slightly less expensive). Here it is, in a closet. I'm terminating some CAT 6 cable, using my handy Litra Torch so I can see what I'm doing.

The DVEstore supplied the project with a load of Blackmagic Design gear (including a VideoHub 12x12), a Sennheiser wireless table mic, Prompter People wide screen teleprompter, a FocusRite Scarlett 18i20, and a 4K Sony PTZ camera. Did I mention that this system is 4K all the way?!

Oh, and I forgot the lights. They wanted as little clutter as possible on the floor, so no light stands! We mounted a couple of Fiilex Q500's from the ceiling instead. 

The key light, above the teleprompter, was fitted with a softbox to envelope the talent in a flattering, shadowless glow. The second light we bounced off the ceiling to raise the overall ambient light level in the room. The two large windows have blinds so that the unpredictable natural daylight won't cause any dramatic light shifts during a broadcast. The production PC was fitted with a USB DMX interface so the color temperature, intensity and hue of the Q500's can all be controlled.

Josh uses Splashtop for remote access to production PC's at various locations. So, if he can control it from the local PC, he can control it remotely. For control of the Sony BRC-X1000, I recommended Rocosoft IP PTZ Camera Controller software. We mounted the entire camera/teleprompter rig to Prompter People's affordable HD300 tripod. It seems well-suited for the job.

Here is the closet where we stashed the production PC, as well as the Sennheiser wireless audio receivers, a Blackmagic Design 12X12 router and a host of converters.

The whole project was unusual, and fun. I'm looking forward to seeing the video that comes out of this studio!

28th Aug 2017 Jason Jenkins

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