Boompole hands free solution

Boompole hands free solution

Have a static sit down or stand up interview coming up? Then, check out the Remote Audio BOOMBOY boompole holder before your next shoot. The BOOMBOY holder allows you to fixed the position of your boompole allowing for hands free boompole mounting on C-Stands and heavy duty light stands.


Joel here with the DVEStore. So, today, we're gonna talk about the Remote Audio Boom Boy and how you can use this to boom your boompole hands-free. All right. So to get this Boom Boy set up, we're gonna need a few key elements. First thing you're gonna need is a grip head, and then we're gonna need to use probably like a heavy duty light stand or, in this case, I'm gonna use a Avenger C-Stand. What we'll do is we'll take the grip head, put this right onto the C-stand, and then we'll take the Boom Boy. We'll attach this right onto here.

What we'll wanna do for safety, especially for the height when putting our boom pole on, is we're gonna wanna put a sandbag onto one of our legs of the C-stand. All right, so now we have our boom pole. This here is the K-Tek KE110CCR. The side exit is a good choice. This is one that I like to go with. A lot of boom operators will end up just setting their boom pole on the ground, and if you had the XLR coming out of the bottom, you could potentially damage, over time, your XLR connector there. And then I have the DPA 4017 shotgun microphone. It's a pretty sweet mic. I definitely recommend it. And then I'm using the K-Tek KMTS shock mount.

All right, so now we have our Boom Boy attached to our grip head here. You'll see that it has, like, the U-shape here and then the other side. What we'll wanna do is just set our boom pole in. It just holds it up like so. So the huge advantage to using the Remote Audio Boom Boy is now your boom is now hands-free, and this would allow for your sound guy to be able to watch the levels and ride them, ensuring that you're getting great, excellent audio. This here, this is the Sound Devices MixPre-6. Awesome mixer, by the way. I definitely suggest checking that out.

So the other nice benefit to the Boom Boy is for times when you're not using your shotgun mic. Instead of setting it off to the side or leaning it up against something and potentially having it knocked over, is that you could actually just set it right into the Boom Boy here, and now it's safe.

All right. So that was the Remote Audio Boom Boy and how to use it. If you have any questions or would like to know more information, feel free to email me at Thank you, and stay tuned for our next episode.

25th Oct 2018 Joel Wallis

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