10 Things I learned From Office Hours

10 Things I learned From Office Hours

                10 Things I learned From Office Hours

                Office Hours is a ZOOM Group with daily discussion of all things video related. 

                The Discord for “Office Hours” is a great place to ask questions and find answers. To get into the Discord channel, you'll need to be on the Zoom meeting at 6:30AM (PST)

                You can join Alex Lindsay and a panel of content creators as they answer your questions! This is a multi-hour event, with the first hour streamed Daily, but only streamed M-F from 7-8 AM PST (10-11 AM ET). 

                Each week, Alex will send an email of scheduled events. We have had some remarkable industry veterans in the "2nd hour". The first hour is Q&A. Bring your video production and live streaming questions! You can join and drop in the conversation at any time as either a panelist or attendee. Attendees just listen in and view. It's a wealth of knowledge well worth your time.

                Here are 10 things I have learned while participating in the discussions:  

                1. “Marty” Color codes his SDI cables with the electronics resistor codes, so he knows immediately which is 1,2,3,4,5 and so on. BBROYGBVGW stands for “Black, Brown, Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Violet, Gray, and White”. There is also a fairly good list of mnemonics. e.g.: Big Boys Race Our Young Girls But Violet Generally Wins. That wasn’t the way my teacher taught us, but way more politically correct.

                2. “Blue" of Sage Event management has figured out how to take a 40 input switcher (ATEM Constellation) to create virtual events that outperform in-person events. Multiple laptops running “Zoom” feed into the the switcher. Large LED monitors with the “Grid view” surrounding the live presenter gives the feel of an in person audience.

                3. Now that educators and students have felt this new style of live video communication, we will be seeing changes to their video communications in the new fall school year. One position we discussed is that of a "Zoom Jockey" to help moderate (mute, bring up web pages, post URLs to the chat). Kind of a modern day teacher's assistant. 

                4. “Unreal” demo gives us a glypse of how LED walls will change the future of film production. Amazing how the green doesn't spill and the highlights/reflections are true. 

                5. There are “TV” shows currently being remotely produced. The technology is there. You can now use cloud switchers, comms, camera operation all via remote. Haivision offers solutions to get the video up to an EC2 instance or route the video back to a Central location. See solutions such as Sienna’s NDI Cloud.

                6. Zoom meetings can be a great place to network and meet people. Your Zoom “Look” is like a nice suit. People will make an impression by your look and sound. A few simple pieces such as great audio and lighting can make for dramatic improvements. In this example we had a "Ruthless review" where the votes were in to ditch my background accent lights. 


                7. Dante is the future of audio transport. You can get started with a $100 adapter and the app. Imagine 64 channels of audio over 1 ethernet cable. Amazing technology.


                8. Audio Hijack Pro is a great piece of software for routing audio on your Mac.

                9. Steve Bayes is a wealth of knowledge for all things Final Cut. He’s been joining us Saturday morning and giving us all kinds of tips. Command + “~” has some power. There are many more keyboard combinations to learn. 

                10. You’re going to be hearing more about low latency, high quality SRT (Secure Reliable Transport). One of the members of the group was kind enough to run some tests with me. Kiloview makes an SRT encoder and decoder in hardware. You can also use vMix software on a PC.

                So much more to learn. Just recently learned another money saving tip from a member to go from for our unlimited cell bandwidth over to - that only is going to save us over $1000. 

                Interested in tuning in live to Office Hours via zoom? Link:

                See past recorded Office Hours Meetings on Youtube

                What popular video equipment is used on Office Hours ? 


22nd Jun 2020 Guy Cochran

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