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At the DVEstore, we offer a number of the world's most popular ring lights. They are used the world over by beauty bloggers who appreciate their ability to emit a flattering, shadowless light, while taking up very little space.

However, there are times when you need something more. Perhaps you want to get several people in front of the camera, or you prefer a larger, more natural eye reflection. Or maybe you see some value in adding depth to the image by modeling the face with controlled shadow. When it comes to making someone look really good on camera, there are options; and that is what this blog post is about!

For beauty related video, large, soft light sources are the bomb. Why? The larger the light source is in relation to the subject, the softer and more flattering the light will be. You want illumination that embraces your talent and wraps them in a soft, fluffy blanket of light. Hmmmmmm... is it nap time yet?

Kino Flo is a high-end brand name that is popular with film crews and rental houses, because of the durable build quality and the soft light emitted by its fluorescent fixtures. This is a very popular Kino Flo kit, and one that I own and use quite a bit myself:

As you can see, you pay for the build quality––and the name. This kit will essentially get you two 1'x2' diffused sources. These lights are dimmable, to a degree, but there is some color shift. The reality is, these fixtures are decade-old technology that have too many compromises. In my opinion, you want even larger light sources for an even softer light on the subject. I also recommend going with LED light sources. The higher end LED fixtures have very pure color rendering (important for skin tones) and can be dimmed without color shifting. Kino Flo does make some newer LED fixtures, like this: but, it's over $2K for one fixture. If it's the look you want and you have the budget, you won't regret it. And they will last forever.

But, again, a larger light source will deliver an even softer light, so I suggest looking into the Westcott Flex light. For $1,300, you can get one of these:

Now you may be thinking, "Whoa, what happened to bigger?" and I'd say "Patience"! You put the Flex into one of these:

What a killer combination! So two of those sets for key and fill lights, plus one of these for a hair/rim light to help separate the subject from the background: Then you'll need some stands, sandbags and a few other bits. The whole setup would be in the neighborhood of $5K.

If you have any lighting questions, feel free to contact me at jason(at)dvestore(dot)com!

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