Right Here for the Used Gear!

Posted by Jason Jenkins on 27th Mar 2017

If you're looking for great video gear, at the best possible price, you have a couple of options. You can go "dumpster diving" on eBay or Amazon––purchase from a complete stranger––and hope you don't get a knockoff or a lemon. Or, you can go to DVEStore's very own used department! All our used (and new) video & audio production gear is guaranteed to be exactly what it should be––genuine, brand name product from the top manufacturers, such as 
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Using mimoLive with the ATEM switcher: Step-by-Step Tutorial

Posted by Jason Jenkins on 21st Feb 2017

This tutorial is dedicated to my friend Jay Creighton, who just dived in and purchased mimoLive and an ATEM Production Studio 4K! This is a fantastic combination for someone who has a Mac and wants to be able to switch multiple cameras, add graphics, or playback pre-produced video content––plus stream and record. I'm going to go step-by-step through the entire process of setting up mimoLive to work with an ATEM switcher and an UltraStudio 4K or UltraStudio Mini Monitor. When we get
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Which Ring Light is Right for You?

Posted by Daniel Rodriguez on 17th Feb 2017

“This light is amazing!,” is a common reaction we get from someone who has “finally seen the light” and used one of our ring lights for the very first time. Ring lights have created a home for themselves among YouTube influencers and it’s become the go-to light source for creating vibrant photos on the Instagram feeds of the most admired beauty gurus. What makes the light appealing is simple. It is light weight and helps to achieve brighter, more natural skin tones. Part of its
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Dave discusses the new K-Tek Gizmo Bags

Posted by Dave Fisk on 17th Feb 2017

Products featured in this video:                                    
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'Old School' Upgrade: Video Production Class Goes HD

Posted by Jason Jenkins on 31st Jan 2017

I was recently contacted by a middle school video production class teacher named Adam.  He had been given a budget to upgrade his entire three camera live production studio. Great news! He had some ideas about equipment, but needed some guidance on putting the whole system together. Technology moves pretty fast and making sure all the pieces work together is important.  I met up with Adam at the school to take a look at their current setup, and I was stunned by what I saw.
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