Blackmagic Design DV/RES/AADPNL DaVinci Resolve Advanced Panel

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  • Blackmagic Design DV/RES/AADPNL DaVinci Resolve Advanced Panel (front)

The Blackmagic Design DaVinci Resolve is a software / hardware combination package that includes the Resolve color correction software and the Resolve control surface. You can achieve high-quality and precise color correction using the DaVinci Resolve system.

Incorporating node-based image processing, the DaVinci Resolve provides color correction, power windows, and effects for nodes that offer a powerful color correction medium as compared to layers. Faster workflows in real-time are offered via the Resolve control surface. You are also provided with 32-bit floating point and YRGB image processing allowing you the highest depths in color correction. The Resolve control surface incorporates a slide-out keyboard that is useful when naming or renaming files, and can be neatly tucked away when not in use. All functions are accessible via separate keys such as reference keys and the fader T-bar that allows you to wipe between reference stills.

You can easily control the image sections via keys that are located for easy access along your natural hand positions. Lift, Gamma, and Gain adjustments along with RGB control is achieved via trackballs. Menus and indicators are visible via 5 high-resolution LCD displays that offer a view of functions of 62 knobs and buttons. Soft knobs that can precisely control parameters via single touch are provided, and no electrical contact eliminates wear out of the knobs. Aesthetically illuminated keys are backlit using RGB color and intensity. Complete control of project timeline or deck is offered via the jog/shuttle knob and transport controls.


The DaVinci Resolve Control Surface panels feature workflow ergonomics and ease of use so Colorists can quickly and accurately construct simple or complex creative grades. The panels feature highresolution liquid crystal displays (LCD) and backlit hard keys to accommodate a darkened grading environment. The color and intensity of the keys and the LCD panel brightness are user programmable so each Colorist can set up his/her personal panel configuration. There are three panels in the control panel set. The center panel is the Trackball panel. The majority of controls and feedback for the Colorist is found on this panel, including a slide-out keyboard.

On either side of the Trackball panel are two interchangeable panels, the position of which is determined by operator preference. The T-bar panel, shown above on the left, has a T-bar mix/wipe control and a number of menu and function keys. The Transport panel, shown above on the right, has the timeline transport controls and a jog/shuttle control as well as a numerical keypad and associated function keys.

All panels have soft keys and variable control pots within the LCD panel, which provide an accurate visual reference to the control without the risk of parallax errors. Given that so many of the controls are menu based, this User Manual will describe each of the hard keys and controls and then, separately, the menu structure and controls of the soft keys and variable pots.

A key feature of the panel design is the feedback given to the Colorist. The LCD panels provide a color and value indication based on the last control adjusted. The hard keys also reflect the last button pushed and, in some cases, other keys on the panel are illuminated or dimmed based on the menu options available for the operational mode selected.

Connection Ethernet
Applications Supported Da Vinci Resolve
Host OS Mac OS X or Linux Os
Display Type High Resolution LCD Displays
Controls Soft Labels
Transport Controls
Jog Shuttle
Tracker Balls: Lift Gamma and Gain
Built-in Keyboard
Numeric Pad
Additional Requirements Spare USB port for Dongle
Blackmagic Design Decklink HD Extreme 3 or 3D (Mac OSX version does not support stereoscopic left/right grading)
Final Cut Pro is required to manage any compressed codecs
LCD Blue
Buttons Red Illuminated
Center Panel Dimensions 22.60 x 7.69 x 18.14in / 574.1 x 195.5 x 460.7mm
Left Panel Dimensions 13.13 x 7.69 x 16.60in / 333.5 x 195.5 x 421.8mm
Right Panel Dimensions 13.13 x 7.69 x 16.60in / 333.5 x 195.5 x 421.8mm
Right Panel Dimensions 13.13 x 7.69 x 16.60in / 333.5 x 195.5 x 421.8mm
Center Panel Weight 12.2kg (26.9lbs)
Left Panel Weight 4.8kg (10.6lbs)