BirdDog PTZ Cam Director (Software)

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  • BirdDog PTZ Cam Director (Software)

BirdDog Camera Director is the ultimate tool for PTZ productions that have multiple BirdDog PTZ cameras. Create individual Pan, Tilt, and Zoom paths for each camera, then group those cameras together to move as one when you recall that preset. Create as many multicam presets as you wish and then set them to start automatically by adding waypoints. As the cameras hit each waypoint they will move to the next group preset. Set up as many waypoints as you wish, put them in order, and you have a totally automated multicamera production. Camera Director is perfect for any production where you have a repetitive set of movements, such as Horse Racing, Cricket, Awards Ceremonies, Presentations, Car Racing, and more.

Tl;dr – if you want to automate your multicam PTZ Camera shoot then Camera Director is for you.

Shipping Q4, 2022.