Audio Technica AT8314-20 20' Premium Microphone Cable

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  • Audio Technica AT8314-20 20' Premium Microphone Cable

Audio-Technica is a leading manufacturer of audio cables, and their 3-pin XLR Male to 3-pin XLR Female Balanced Cable, 20-Foot is a professional, premium-grade microphone cable perfect for all types of applications. The 2-conductor, shielded, broadcast-type cable can also be used to extend the length of an existing XLR connection. Look no further than the Audio-Technica XLR Male to XLR Female Balanced Cable for your professional audio cabling needs. Balanced XLR Connectors (M/F) At each end, XLR connectors either have three pins (M) or sockets (F) within a locking metal shell. They are commonly used in professional audio applications to connect microphones, mixers, recording equipment and other gear.

On typical XLR components, pin 1 is the +signal line, pin 2 is the -signal line and pin 3 is the ground/shield. This pin combination facilitates top-quality, low-noise, balanced audio, even across long-distance cable runs. Phantom Power XLR cables are also capable of carrying DC "phantom power" to microphones on both the plus and minus signal lines. Shotgun and lavaliere microphones typically use phantom power or must use on-board batteries. Shielded Ground The 3rd pin is connected to a copper-wound shield. Wrapped around the other two wires, this shield provides both an interference-blocking barrier and a grounded connection.

Additional Lengths This XLR cable is also available in additional cable lengths.

Product Specifications

Cable: Conductors 2 stranded bear-annealed, copper, twisted-pair configuration. Gauge 24 AWG 36 AWG Shielding 36 AWG copper spiral shield - 100% coverage Dielectric (Insulation) Polyethylene Capacitance 104nF/km Jacket Black PVC - Polyvinyl Chloride - .045" Pull Strength Not Specified by Manufacturer Bend Radius Not Specified by Manufacturer

Connectors: Shielding None Connector 1 3-pin XLR (Male) Connector 2 3-pin XLR (Female) Contacts Silver-Coated Copper Body Nickel (Black) Interface Required 3-pin XLR (Male) and 3-pin XLR (Female) Standards Certification None Warranty 1 Year

What's in the Box?

  • One Year Warranty