amaran COB 60d Daylight LED Video Light

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  • amaran COB 60d Daylight LED Video Light
  • amaran COB 60d Daylight LED Video Light
  • amaran COB 60d Daylight LED Video Light
  • amaran COB 60d Daylight LED Video Light
  • amaran COB 60d Daylight LED Video Light
  • amaran COB 60d Daylight LED Video Light
  • amaran COB 60d Daylight LED Video Light
  • amaran COB 60d Daylight LED Video Light
  • amaran COB 60d Daylight LED Video Light
  • amaran COB 60d Daylight LED Video Light
  • amaran COB 60d Daylight LED Video Light
  • amaran COB 60d Daylight LED Video Light

What's in the Box

  • amaran COB 60d
  • Bowens Mount Hyper Reflector (Mini)
  • Dual NP-F Battery Plate for DC Barrel (5.5mm)
  • Bowens Mount Protection Cover
  • ¼-20in Mounting Pin with Stand Adapter
  • AC Power Supply
  • IEC C13 AC Power Cable (4m)
  • amaranCOB 60d Carrying Case

The amaran COB 60d by Aputure is an ultra-compact daylight LED video light with surprising output and full Bowens Mount versatility.

One of the latest point source LED video lights from the amaranCOB series, the amaranCOB 60d features a 65W daylight output. The 60d is as compact as a camera, weighing in at a featherweight 675 grams (1.49 pounds), with dimensions just over 11x11x11cm (4x4x4 inches).

The COB 60d’s small stature contains a powerhouse LED., reaching up to 45,100lux at 1 meter, with the specially designed 15°Hyper Reflector (Mini), all while maintaining pristine color quality with CRI and TLCI scores of 96+.

Equipped with a full-size Bowens Mount, the amaranCOB 60d is compatible with the largest selection of modifiers on the market, including the AputureLight Dome SE, Light Dome Mini II, and AputureLantern, making it an incredibly versatile multi-tool.

Its compact body houses an intuitive LCD screen and control knob interface that seamlessly blends into the body of the fixture. The control knob can adjust the light in 1% increments and can be clicked to toggle through intensity presets quickly.

Using its integrated SidusMesh® technology, the COB 60d can also be controlled by the SidusLink® App, granting it access to 8 lighting effects, including Paparazzi, Fireworks, Lightning, Faulty Bulb, TV, Pulse, Strobe, and Explosion. The user-friendly SidusLink® App allows users to adjust their settings without ever leaving their camera.

The amaranCOB 60d is also the perfect light for creating on the move. In addition to the included AC Power supply, creators can power it using the Dual Sony NP-F Battery Plate or a D-Tap Battery (cable sold separately), which can easily be attached to the V-Mount Quick Release, located on the side of the unit for easy operation.

Packaged in an EPP (expanded polypropylene) eco-friendly carrying case, which follows suit with the COB 60d’s lightweight design, the included case protects the amaranfixture from whatever nature may have in store.

With its compact and lightweight body design, convenient operation, and EPP carrying case, the amaranCOB 60d is perfect for creators and filmmakers who need to pack light without sacrificing good lighting. The variety of power solutions the amaranCOB 60 series has access to makes it suitable for shooting anywhere, as long as you have NP-F or D-Tap batteries.

Its full-size Bowens Mount and concentrated reflector make it a fantastic multi-tool for soft or intense lighting. Its ultra-quiet active cooling system will also never interfere with any audio recordings for the most crucial moments, whether you're creating content at home or on the move.

The compact versatility of the amaranCOB 60d makes it a pivotal addition to any content creator, videographer, or indie filmmaker's lighting arsenal.


  • 65W Output Daylight Bowens Mount Point-Source LED
  • 45,100lux @ 1 meter
  • Full Size Bowens Mount, the most universal accessory mount in a compact design
  • Bowens Mount Hyper Reflector (Mini): Specially Designed with a 15°Beam Angle
  • 5600K Daylight CCT
  • Super Accurate Color Rendition, CRI: ≥96, TLCI: ≥96, SSI (D56): 72
  • Compact & Lightweight: Just Over 11x11x11cm and 675g
  • Stepless Dimming from 0 to 100%
  • SidusLink App Compatible
  • Included Dual Sony NP-F Battery Plate
  • D-Tap Battery Compatible [D-Tap Power Cable (DC 5.5mm) Sold Separately*]
  • Locking 19V DC 5.5mm Input
  • 8 Lighting FX: Paparazzi, Fireworks, Lightning, Faulty Bulb, TV, Pulse, Strobe, Explosion
  • Ultra-quiet Active Cooling System
  • Click Control Knob to Toggle Through Intensity Presets
  • LCD display
  • 1/4-20” Mounting Point
  • Tilting Stand Mount with Umbrella Holder
  • Operating Temperature Range: -10°C~40°C
CCT 5600K
CRI ≥96
TLCI ≥96
CQS ≥94
TM-30 RF (Avg.) 93
TM-30 RG (Avg.) 101
SSI (D56) 72
Beam Angle (Half-Peak Angle) No Reflector: 120 degrees
Hyper Reflector (Mini): 15 degrees
Max Power Output 65W
Max Power Consumption 76W
Operating Current 4A
Operating Voltage AC Power Input: 100V~240V, 50/60Hz
AC Power Supply Output: 19V
D-Tap Battery: 12~16.8V
NP-F Battery: 12~16.8V (Two Batteries)
DC Input Connector 2.1mm / 5.5mm Locking DC Barrel
AC Power Supply Output 3m DC (5.5mm) Cable with Lock
AC Power Cable IEC C13 AC Power Cable (4m)
Operating Temperature -10°C ~ 40°C / 14°F~104°F
Control Methods On-board, SidusLink App
Connectivity Bluetooth 5.0 (SidusMesh)
Bluetooth Operating Range ≥80m / 262.5ft
Firmware Upgradeable SidusLink OTA
Display Type LCD
Cooling Method Active Cooling
Mounting 1/4-20” Mounting Point