18" Diva Ring Light Diffusion Cloth

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  • 18" Diva Ring Light Diffusion Cloth
  • 18" Diva Ring Light Diffusion Cloth
  • 18" Diva Ring Light Diffusion Cloth
  • 18" Diva Ring Light Diffusion Cloth

Cover your Diva Ring Light Nova or Super Nova with the 18" Ring Light Diffusion Cloth to diffuse harsh shadows and soften skin tones.

Many professionals use a diffusion cloth or screen in video and photography work. The 18" Ring Light Diffusion cloth gives the user the ability to have more control over your ring light's brightness and to reign in harsh shadows.

Using a diffusion cloth with your ring light allows you to get rid of those sharp shadows, giving you an even, circular light cast to create a unique lighting look. And it's still so easy to get that dramatic sharp ring light effect by simply removing the diffusion cloth. Perfect for portrait/product photographers, video bloggers, and set ringlighting.

This is a fantastic accessory for any lighting solution, and is designed to fit the 18" Diva Ring Light Nova, Super Nova and Nebula.

This Ring Light Diffusion Cloth is easy to assemble!

Simply wrap the light with your cloth and secure it in place with the attached velcro straps.


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This product is not manufactured or distributed by Kino Flo, owner of the registered trademark Diva Lite®